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8 Descending Fire, RY 768

Outside Mishaka, in the lands of the Marukani alliance.

Birds-of-Trinity and Markuran have journeyed here to witness the Ride of Ten Spears, a yearly rite of passage amongst the Marukani youth, at the invitation of Tybal Nallan, a city elder. The ceremonial grounds lying several miles outside the city are decked out as per tradition, bearing numerous flags and banners bearing the images of Marukan's legendary steeds. Oddly, however, they seem to be empty -- quite unlike what the elder described in his letter of invitation.

  • Markuran glances at Birds as he walks along, having left his Wasp at the outskirts of one of the ceremonial grounds. Sniffing the air for any strange scents (like blood) the big man looks around for the younglings or the elders who participate in and preside over this rite

No men or women can be seen anywhere upon the grounds, nor horses either; they appear to be utterly empty.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Where do you suppose everyone is?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Something must be up."

  • Markuran nods. "We fly to Mishaka and see if they've been delayed."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Mm."

<Markuran> "What is this talk I hear that you are going to instigate a holy war upon the world?"

  • Markuran begins walking back to the wasps

<BirdsOfTrinity> "I prefer to call it...a reformation."

<Markuran> "It will start wars. They all do. But what is it you desire? An Immaculate Faith with us at the top, as we should be? A restoration of the proper order?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "That would make us no better than the Immaculate Dragons."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "I intend to restore the order of universal truth."

As the Exalts begin to journey towards the city, it becomes obvious that it is in something of an unusual state.

  • Markuran flies his wasp a bit lower, looking around curiously.

In a yard amidst the city, a large number of Marukani sit astride their horses, decorated in full wargear. What appears to be the beginnings of a supply train are being constructed nearby

<Markuran> "I'll help you bring this holy war of yours to the world, Birds. It needs doing."

  • Birds-of-Trinity grunts. "First, we need to see what THAT is about."
  • Birds-of-Trinity shouts a greeting to the Marukani, in garbled Riverspeak.

<alsoquin> Many of the men look up, and point at the incoming Solars. One youth, standing on his own two feet, runs off, seemingly to fetch an elder.

  • Markuran drops to the ground from his wasp, which flies upwards to hover for when next it is needed. Landing with a bone-rattling THUD that sends little bits of grass and bugs flying into the air, the Solar heads over to the Marukani. "What's going on? You were supposed to be having a rite of passage."

One of the warriors turns to Markuran and states, in a gruff tone of voice, "The Marukani are going to war against Lookshy."

<Markuran> "Well that's stupid. Why?"

  • Birds-of-Trinity lands more...demurely, rolling down the side of a tent. She draws her weapon "To war! Why?"
  • Markuran glances around at the horsemen and wagons that are "going to war" against Lookshy. He snorts in laughter.
  • Warrior speaks "You echo the concerns of many of our men, Solar, but it is of no use. The Marukani do not idly swear oaths, and now, we are bound to this fight."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "What oath is this?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "And how do you intend to wage war against an empire of sorcerors and monsters?"

As Birds speaks, an elder arrives from behind the two Solars.

  • Elder addresses Birds "The oath we have sworn to the Mask of Winters, and he to us, to aid one another whenever one is agressed upon by an outside party, for one year and one day."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Oh, Mnemon's stony heart. Are you completely serious?"

The elder nods gravely.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Alright then. Let's get suited up, Marku. These people are our friends, and I wish to aid them in battle."

  • Birds-of-Trinity looks back at the elder. "Please tell us more about the Lookshiite agression."
  • Elder replies "This is what I have been made to understand. Ten days ago, a plague of zombies arose in Lookshy's lowest quarter, which took the lives of hundreds of their citizens. In response, they mobilized a unit to strike back against the presumed perpatrator, the Mask of Winters. Only -- the Mask had no involvement."
  • Elder continues "We know this, for our oath would not compel us to assist had he truly aggressed in this situation."

<Markuran> "The Mask is using you. Why would you make such pacts with the dead? They can have no interest in your welfare. They are serving that which is the END of all things."

  • Elder finsihes "In response to their action, Mask of Winters declared open war upon Lookshy, and called upon all his allies within these lands to join him in this war. Our oaths, sealed by magic and expanded to grip our entire nations, are irrevokable -- we cannot turn away fromt his path, lunacy though it may be."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "We need Zahara."

The elder looks ashamedly at the ground.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Well, you have made an oath that is not perfectly wise...but that does not mean you must go to war like lambs to the slaughter!"

  • Elder replies "We were threatened by messengers from the other nations, told that we would be ground under the feet of their new alliance with Thorns if we too did not join."

<Markuran> "You and those who agreed to such pacts are fools and, were it not for your good will in the past, I would leave you to suffer your fool's fate."

The elder looks ashamed.

<Markuran> "From the Crostani and Jakobi?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "There is no reason that we cannot preserve Marukan's might and power...if we are far-seeing and quick-thinking."

  • Elder admits "And Melekin as well."

<Markuran> "Have the Karala and the Chayans joined in this madness as well?"

  • Elder explains "The Chayans hold no army, and fear no invasion; the Karala I have spoken not to, I know not if they have joined this pact."

As they speak, the others continue, grimly, to ready themselves for war.

  • Birds-of-Trinity growls.

<Markuran> "Tell me the terms of your oath."

Elder recites "The oath holds that if any party to the oath is attacked by a military force of any strength, all other parties are duty bound to aid them to the greatest of their abilities in any military actions taken in defense or offense against the attackers; the oath is held for one year and one day from the time it was forged."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Hm."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Do you know the precise wording of said oath?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "I would like to see it. As soon as humanly possible."

The elder hastily scribbles a note, and hands it to Birds.

  • Markuran peers at the note, reading along with Birds
  • Birds-of-Trinity reads the note.
  • The note reads "We five nations -- the Marukani Alliance, Melekin, Jakobi, the Crostani City-States, and Thorns -- hearby swear, for a year and a day, to aid one another as staunch allies upon the battlefield. Should the people or land of any one of the five undersigned come under attack by military forces, all other undersigned nations will lend the full strength of their military might to any actions taken to defend against, or to attack, those who attacked our sworn brothers. By affixing our seals to this document, we bind ourselves and the people of our lands, in bonds of honor that cannot be broken. So it is spoken on this, the 14th of Ascending Fire, in the year reckoned in the Realm as 768."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "To the greatest of your abilities, eh?"

  • Markuran shakes his head "Fools. Well, now you have to deal with it. Lookshy will crush you, of course. Only the Mask has the forces to attack them."

The elder shakes his head too. "It is true. Our folly has doomed us; where the proud Marukani once stood, only ashes will soon stand in our place."

The Exalts return to the Cascade. The others are nowhere obvious to be seen.

  • Birds-of-Trinity cheerfully sings a traditional song of her people. Loudly.
  • Markuran cringes. "Birds, must you be so loud?"
  • Markuran turns around and drowns out the singing with a stone-chipping roar. "ZAHARA! CERIN!"
  • Birds-of-Trinity hums a little. "What? I couldn't hear you."
  • Zahara emerges from the Cascade, moving quickly, near where the wasps are. It takes several minutes for her to arrive, but she is followed by Cerin and Rannath.

<Zahara> "What's wrong?"

<Markuran> "The Marukani are going to war against Lookshy. So is everyone except us, the Chayan and the Karala. The Mask and his allies have blackmailed them into a binding Oath."

<Zahara> "How did I know that was going to happen? Do you have the wording of the Oath?"

<Markuran> "Birds has it. It seems we have been surrounded."

<Cerin> "To war with Lookshy..." he shakes his head slowly

<Markuran> "I'm going to visit Karala and Chaya soon. To make sure any fools there are taken care of before they do harm."

<Zahara> "How do you plan to 'take care of them' Markuran?"

  • Markuran gives Zahara a small smile. "Your morals shouldn't be bothered by anything I plan to do, Zahara. Since you have none."

<Zahara> "I'm simply curious."

<Zahara> "I wouldn't want you to turn them against us with your barbarian charm."

  • Cerin looks over the wording of the oath, turning the phrases over in his head
  • Markuran glares at Dreambreaker. "My 'barbarian charm' has never turned anyone against me."
  • Zahara reads over the oath, over Cerin's shoulder, and hmmms. "Well, as long as we don't attack them, they're not required to join against us."

<Zahara> "Oh, really? And what about the denizens of the Sea?"

<Markuran> "They just wanted to talk to you and your greater lipid mass."

<Zahara> "And the way you punch every messenger that looks at you the wrong way?"

<Zahara> "Well they couldn't stand your low reasoning."

<Markuran> "I only punched the soul-less fae-drone. And the one from Harborhead. But he only lost three teeth and he could ride home in three weeks without falling off his horse."

<Zahara> "That's because everyone ELSE is AFRAID to send us messengers!"

<Zahara> "because you and your morals turn them into paste!"

<Cerin> "If the legends of lookshy are true..." he considers "then they will not be a threat to us, nor anyone else, the marukani I mean"

  • Markuran waves a hand in dismissal. "That isn't true."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Why do we let him talk to messengers, anyway? Zahara, you're the one who's good at talking."

<Markuran> "OH, they'll be wiped out and turned into ghosts to serve the Mask forever."

<Zahara> "You've named two messengers you've punched, now name one you've treated with courtesy, that wasn't already from our Nation?"

<Markuran> "That woman from Chaya. With the peach-colored hair and the dress made out of velvet-soft foxfur and the rosy tan.."

<Zahara> "Uh huh."

  • Markuran mutters a few more details, his eyes glazing slightly.
  • Zahara gives the others a 'see what I mean?' look

<BirdsOfTrinity> "So, the Mask is about to surround our Manse in a big, hollow shadowland full of his minions, anyway."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "What were we going to do about that, again?"

<Zahara> "So at least run your lovely plans past the REST of us before you DO them."

<Markuran> "They haven't gotten the Chayans or the Karala. They still hold the eastern ways."

  • Birds-of-Trinity pulls a paintbrush and ink out of her sleeve and starts to paint on the floor.

<Markuran> "Which is WHY, Zahara, they must continue to hold."

<Zahara> "If we defend them, we may end up legal prey to the Oath."

<Zahara> "The Mask can certainly read us attacking them when they are attacking others to be an aggressive, rather than defensive, move.

<Markuran> "And if they join us?"

<Markuran> "We can save their people, extend the rule of the Sunlands and bring the Faith Ecliptic to them."

<Zahara> "Then the Mask has reason to call us other than Allies, which we are tenuously at the moment. And before you go saying you'd rather be the Enemy, think about what that entails."

<Cerin> "It is worse than that. He can use them all up on the Lookshyians then use them against each other. There is nothing in that Oath that protects them from each other."

<Cerin> "To exempt them from the oath, they would have to be, as Marku says, no longer of the nations they are now."

<Markuran> "Indeed. We might be able to turn the Marukani against the rest and support them..."

<Markuran> "Or convince them to become Sunlanders without battle."

<Zahara> "Our best option would be to ally with Lookshy, actually. They are one of the greatest powers in the area."

  • Markuran spits. "I will not bleed beside those cursed drops of dragon-piss."

<Zahara> "Don't think he won't turn them changing nations into including OUR nation in the oath. Especially if those who made it join us."

<Zahara> "Why exactly is that? They do not spread teh Immaculate heresy. They broke from the Realm and are its enemy."

<Markuran> "He can't change the words of the Oath, Zahara."

<Markuran> "It binds the nations, not the people. If they become our people, they are not bound."

  • Cerin nods to Marku.
  • Zahara ponders, "He did name them specifically in the Oath."

<Zahara> "The Mask had a way of destroying all of the zombies the Walker had made... I wonder if there's a way for me to do that."

<Cerin> "They are named. If that nation became a single man, only he would be bound..."

<Markuran> "Well, before anything else happens, I will be visiting the Karala and the Chayan. They will not be tricked into this like the Marukani were."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "That seems wise."

<Zahara> "I at least shall come with you. For damage control."

<Cerin> "They can wait I think. Only fools would enter a military alliance when the other party is at war. I think we would be better served preserving the Marukani and the others"

<Zahara> "You'd better convert them all at once. Stealing an army won't be taken kindly, AND it will launch US into a war."

<Zahara> "Why exactly are we saving them from their foolishness?"

<Cerin> "because otherwise they will die. And the land to the north will be shadowland, under the Mask Of Winters control"

<Cerin> "We are saving /us/ from thier foolishness"

<Zahara> "So we cleanse the shadowland."

<Zahara> "Or we will fight all of them twice instead of once."

<Cerin> "No, if they are ours, they will not fight us, if they are his we will fight them all together, along with the Mask. The dead of the war with lookshy are his troops as surely as the survivors are"

<Zahara> "If they are ours, we throw ourselves into war immediately."

<Cerin> "The mask cannot ignore Lookshy though. If he does not meet them, things will not go well for him"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "We could just hole up in Fire House until this little brawl sorts itself out."

<Zahara> "We must prepare for the backlash before we do. Besides, we have other enemies."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "The Cascade is nice and all, but the winters get awfully COLD..."

  • Zahara eyes Cerin, "If we go to war, we leave our lands undefended."
  • Birds-of-Trinity pantses Markuran and giggles at the sight.

<Cerin> "We do not nessesarily have to invade, but to let them die will harm us more than the preparation time will gain us I feel"

  • Zahara stops talking and stares

<Zahara> "Wow. he IS muscular."

  • Cerin blinks. He looks between birds and marku.

<Zahara> "Do you two..have some sort of... thing going on?"

  • Markuran bristles. "Birds!" he pulls his pants back up, looking annoyed.

<Zahara> "So.. about..that war."

  • Markuran nods, glaring at Birds, keeping one hand on his belt firmly. "If Chaya and Karala join us, we gain strength no matter what. If they balk, we have lost nothing. We can tell them of Mask's treachery and lies and they will not join him."

<Markuran> "And if we do as Cerin and I think we should, we can convert some of the fools back to their senses and gain them too. If we fail, the attack comes sooner. That's all."

<Zahara> "I think we should pursue Chaya and Karala first, before we get into the war."

<Markuran> "As do I."

<Markuran> "So, let's just go there."

<Zahara> "Fine."

<Cerin> "Very well"

<Zahara> "I think we should leave Rannath and his Legions behind, in case someone comes our way."

<Zahara> "He can hold them off well enough on his own."

<Zahara> "And LAST time we all went somewhere, there was a break-in by that flower guy."

  • Markuran harmumphs, adjusting his pants with a hand, the other still on his belt. "Well, hopefully our improved defenses will ward him off. Maybe those giant metal fish can teach us how to burn the fae with oil."

<Zahara> "We haven't completed our bargain with them yet, but perhaps in the future.."

<Markuran> "They are close to the Crosanti. We should build the Manse strong."

<Zahara> "It will be well-defended."

<Zahara> "Better than your pants..." she snickers.

  • Markuran cocks his head at Zahara, looking smug. "You didn't seem unhappy with seeing me without them."

<Zahara> "I was just impressed with how the rest of your muscles made you seem a little small in the middle."

  • Birds-of-Trinity furiously chroncles this exchange on the floor.
  • Zahara smirks and calls to the Wasps, which fly down for her companions, and Tanty, who flies down for herself. "Shall we?"

<Cerin> "As you wish" he nods to Zahara

  • Zahara mounts Tanty, who rears back showily, then leaps into the air.
  • Markuran shakes his head as he mounts the wasp.

As the Exalts approach the Chayan city of Larjyn, already the strange scent of Chaya's unusual foliage begins to fill the air, even flying high above the land as the agatae do.

  • Birds-of-Trinity urges her agata to fly closer to the ground, so they can examine the flora together.
  • Markuran sniffs deeply, trying to remember the oddly pungent scent

The trees which line the ground near the city are each covered in hundreds of brilliant red blossoms, with petals edging towards orange and yellow at their tips. The air is positively thick with the pollen of these trees -- enough to thicken the air at ground level.

  • Zahara keeps her height - they're just flowers.

Something about the smell is very... relaxing.

  • Birds-of-Trinity coughs a bit and steers up again.

Even from a distance, it can be seen that Larjyn appears to be the scene of a great deal of activity. People move wildly in the streets, and crowds are assembled throughout the city.

  • Cerin looks over to Zee "What is happening here?"

<Markuran> "The Fire Trees are in bloom. The Chayans are running amok, as usual."

  • Zahara shrugs a little, "The Chayans know how to party."

<Cerin> "Ah."

<Markuran> "Unless we wish to join them...huh.."

<Zahara> "Apparently the flowers of the Fire Trees have an effect much like getting drunk, but it only requires breathing."

In the city below, all matter of inappropriate activity can be observed; the fire trees inspire both love and war.

<Cerin> "That would be why I'm unaffected." he gestures to his suit "Can we make any progress with diplomacy with them like this?"

<Zahara> "You don't breathe?"

  • Markuran ignores Cerin's question, urging his moth lower. He seems to have spotted something of interest.
  • Cerin shakes his head "It has filters of some kind."
  • Markuran drops from his wasp's back, letting it buzz around as it will. Moving with strong, purposeful strides the big man approaches a man chasing after a woman with a heavy fire-tree branch in his hand. From above, Mark's head turns as often toward her as it does the man.

<Zahara> "Diplomacy at its finest" she comments.

  • Cerin nods

The man attempts to run past Marku, still violently waving the branch

<Zahara> "I think we should come back during another season."

  • Markuran simply picks the man up and ignores his flailing with the branch. Rapping the man hard on the skull with one fist and drops his unconcious body onto a near by barrel, one of few that hasn't been shattered. He looks at the woman, who has stopped running away screaming.

The woman seems remarkably interested in Marku all of a sudden.

<Zahara> "Actually... I'd love to see the effect enough of these flowers ahve on the battle in Lookshy."

  • Cerin breaks into a smile within his helmet "....that is a wonderful idea"

<Zahara> "We could deliver it anonymously."

  • Markuran seems to have disappeared...along with the Chayan woman. Oh. Nope. There they are!

<Cerin> "How...hmmm...your demons would not do here I dont think..."

<Zahara> "I think they would be rather immune, yes."

<Cerin> "As collecters yes, but not as the delivery agent..."

  • Zahara shakes her head, "No, we'll have the demons collect them in glass, and then we'll shatter them across the battlefield."
  • Zahara grins, "It'll be fun!"

<Cerin> "Do we want to effect lookshys forces too though..."

<Zahara> "I think we should concentrate on Mask's." she ponders for a moment, "Although affecting our potential allies will make them more likely to agree to Markuran's bellowing."

<Cerin> "That is true"

  • Cerin plucks one of the blossoms out of the air "Zahara, what does this remind you of?"
  • Zahara lofts a brow. "Lai."
  • Cerin nods

<Cerin> "This might well be where his God orginates from...the infinately blooming lilies..."

<Zahara> "We should speak with.. someone who looks like he might be a leader here. And then leave, quickly."

<Zahara> "Lai will probably get word of us being here if you are correct."

A large, ornate building with a red and gold marble facade seems like it might be a house of governance of some kind.

<Zahara> "Perhaps you can bring him up here, since you have those filters, which I lack."

  • Cerin nods, he orders the wasp to come lower, watching around him
  • Cerin strides into the Palace, looking for the head office
  • Zahara circles around the town, watching with amusement at the frolicsome activities below. She keeps an eye on Mark whenever her path crosses his.

Most of the building seems empty. There is one room, raised several steps above the others, that is clearly the primary office. In it, a rather obese man sits, thirteen sumptuous platters of food lying on the table and floor around him. Grease from a large shank of meat runs down his chin.

  • Markuran seems to be hard at work planting the seeds of a Solar Priesthood in Chaya.

<Cerin> "You are the govenor of this place, correct?" he asks

The man burps loudly. "Most of the time, yeah." He takes another bite of meat. Through a full mouth, he says "What in Hell do you want?"

  • Cerin leans over and picks the man up with ease "My lady wishes to speak with you outside"
  • Zahara idly circles in place watching his technique

The man knocks over his plates and stands up, still filthy. "Well, in that case, I'm READY!" He strides -- no, waddles -- boldly out the door. He strides on thin air as Cerin carries him out.

  • Zahara notices Cerin exit the temple carrying the ..very large man, and sends Marku's wasp over to assist. Since he's not using it.
  • Cerin carries him easily from the building, setting him down astride his wasp, then mouting Marku's. They fly in close formation up Zahara, Cerin still holding the man.

The wasp struggles, but manages to raise the large gentleman up to Zahara's level. His eyes grow more lascivious the closer he gets to Zahara.

<Zahara> "Hello, sir. Are you the ruler of this land, and can you make binding decisions?"

<alsoquin> "Yeah, sure, lady! As much as anyone'll listen to me....."

<Zahara> "Good. Because if you and your country join the empire of the Sunlands, I'll show you a good time." She smiles back, licking her lips.

The man's jaw drops open a little.

<Zahara> "A REALLY good time."

  • Cerin 's eyebrows raise a litte

<alsoquin> "I, ah... oh, the hell with it. It sounds like a good idea."

  • Zahara smiles, "Excellent. Repeat after me. Chaya and all its people and lands are now under the jurisdiction of the Sunlands."
  • Zahara touches his hand lightly as he speaks the words, expending Essence to seal the oath. "And I, nor Chaya, shall make any binding oaths to others, without Zahara Zhan's express consent."

<alsoquin> "Excellent. Repeat after me. Chaya and all its people and lands are now under the jurisdiction of the Sunlands."

<alsoquin> "And neither I, nor Chaya, shall make any binding oaths to others, without Zahara Zhan's express consent."

  • Zahara smiles, and lifts her hand from his. "Thank you." She guides the wasps to an interesting-looking area, with the highest concentration of girls, and has the wasp drop him off neatly in the middle, leaving behind the words, "This man is the one all women desire madly, for his sexual prowess cannot be equalled." and flies off as the rumor spreads.
  • Cerin starts to fly over the city, looking for Exalts, for gods of the flowers or for their sanctums

A few small gods seem to be directing the elementals who tend the blossoms -- each bears the shape of three red flowers, each blossoming within another.

  • Zahara flies back over to find Cerin, "Well, that was easy."
  • Cerin moves back to find Zahara. When he is close to her, he leans over to whisper into her ear "The gods here bear the same sign as Lai's castemark"


  • Markuran appears below the others, looking around for his wasp. Sweaty and bright red in places where the pollen has stuck to him, the big Solar is wearing a minimum of clothing
  • Zahara frowns, then grins. "I suspect he will not be pleased to hear about the new alliance of this land, then."
  • Cerin nods "He will be most upset. I wonder if he is bound by the oath.."

<Markuran> "ZAHARA!"

  • Markuran sends swirls through the pollen with the force of his bellow.
  • Zahara smiles, "One can only hope. I only wish I could see his face." then she raises her voice, "Markuran, you can NOT mount the wasp!"

<Markuran> "Don't be disgusting. Where is it? And are you two ready to go?"

  • Zahara gestures over to where the leader of Chaya is getting piled upon. "It's over there"
  • Markuran shakes his head at Zahara angrily and finds his wasp. Joining the others in the air he repeats his question. "Are you ready to go?"

<Cerin> "How are we to collect the spores, this place is thronged with the gods"

  • Zahara shrugs, "We can buy them at a significant ruler discount."

<Cerin> "True enough"

<Zahara> "Besides, we should support our new allies. Especially if they're no longer allowed to export it to others." she smiles slightly.

<Markuran> "What did you convince them to do, Zahara?

<Zahara> "They are our subject nation now." she says airily.

<Markuran> "Good work. And what's this about flowers?"

<Zahara> "We're going to donate them to the war effort." she smiles.

<Markuran> "..that could be useful. Good idea, Zahara."

  • Markuran takes his Wasp a bit closer to hers and kisses her before she can object.
  • Zahara urks, and commands the wasp to dump him
  • Markuran jumps off his wasp and lands on Zahara's, clinging to her tightly. He chuckles, pulling her against him. "Going to drop us both?"

<Cerin> "...Marku"

<Zahara> "Get off me." she says coldly. "This isn't funny."

  • Markuran makes a rude noise and returns to his own wasp.
  • Zahara glares at Markuran, "If you so much as touch me again, you will regret it."
  • Cerin is smiling smugly. not that anyone can see.
  • Markuran returns Zahara's glare sullenly. His breath looks slightly...red, as if he were exhaling fainly red smoke.

The Exalted, red flowers in tow, begin to close in upon the pitched battle being fought between Lookshy and Mask of Winters' alliance. The Seventh Legion seems to be attempting to avoid needless casualties amongst the mortal warriors it faces, though that is harming their ability to actually fight the battle. As much as possible, they are striking against the zombies intermingled with the human warriors.

  • Markuran laughs loudly, happy to finally see some action..especially since Zahara has been glaring at him all the way here. It isnt like he DID anything to her...or would, the cold-hearted bitch would freeze his balls of...muttering nasty thoughts about Zahara instead of laughing, Mark flies off over the battling forces, dropping containers of fire tree pollen like passion-inducing bursts of blood.
  • Cerin disperses his own pollen, and well, if ghosts should attack him, its self-defence...

As the pollen begins to descend upon the battlefield, many of the combatants stop to look up, struck by the unusual scent.

  • Markuran burns brilliantly above the battle field, a giant of a man surrounded in bronze-gold fire. The clouds of red dust catch fire with his anima, burning in the sky like the setting Sun in all his glory. As the pollen stirs the blood of the men below, Markuran's bass voice rumbles out across them, stirring their hearts.
  • Zahara swoops down near the edge of the battle, and calls out to those within earshot, that the Sunlanders have arrived, and they do not treat their allies poorly, in fact they are kind and just rulers, and will make their subject nations strong and prosperous.
  • Birds-of-Trinity calls Smoking Mirror to her side, and the two of them scatter the powdered delirium of Chaya over the battlefield with glee.
  • Cerin then starts to look about for the leaders of the Marukani, and the others, to make things easier when Zee has to withness the oaths.

<Markuran> "Men of Lookshy! Men of Marukan, of Melekin, Crostani and Jackobi! You have been lied to, betrayed. The Mask has bullied you into these oaths with his black lies. You were not alone, as he said. You have always had us to turn to and your neighbors turned only for fear of YOU! You need not fear each other! Do not fear us! Fear the one who lies to you, who binds you to his war!"

  • Zahara then ascends into the air atop her mythical beast, spreading the bottles of happiness in her wake

<Markuran> "When your blood stains the ground, your souls will serve him as your flesh does now! He cares nothing but that you serve him! Do so no longer! Become Sunlanders, join with us and leave your chains of darkness behind! FOREVER!"

As the warriors begin to drink in the scent of the pollen, their fighting begins to slow. Finally, some of them begin to drop their weapons -- many of them sit down, begin singing, lie down on the ground....

<Markuran> "Become Sunlanders and destroy the forces that would betray you!"

<Zahara> "Warriors of Lookshy, see that the armies of Death are your only true enemy here! Do not strike down those men who do not bear the banner of the Mask of Winters!"

Markuran's words echo over the battlefield, and as one the warriors of the alliance turn to look at his glowing form. Many of them throw down their banners and begin to prostrate themselves to the Solars hanging above the field. The Lookshy forces, hearing Zahara's words and seeing the unusual events upon the field, redouble their efforts to strike precisely at the zombies while leaving the living untouched. This has become much easier since the living have stopped fighting back.

  • Markuran raises a muscular arm over his head, the image of a warrior triumphant, a leader in full glory. "The dead are your enemy! Sunlanders, CHARGE!"
  • Cerin starts to rain down flaming arrows upon the undead.

<Zahara> "Mask of Winters! Leave this place in peace, you have no hold over these people, whom you used harshly and cruelly to serve your own interests! Go back to the Underworld, where you belong. You have earned the wrath of the Sunlanders""

Upon hearing the Solars' words, the newly converted Sunlanders begin to slowly stagger to their feet and charge the zombies

  • Birds-of-Trinity takes this opportunity to climb on top of a fallen gunzosha in the centre of the field, and lay into the undead battalions with fiery bolts of judgement! She strikes a pose there for a moment before hopping on Smoking Mirror's back and surfing towards the nearest spine chain.
  • Zahara strikes her bell as judgment is passed, and its sound shimmers outward in a shimmering sphere, driving her enemies back into the embrace of the earth which they long to return to
  • Markuran joins the ground forces, his great fishs smashing skeletons and vitaphages as he rampages through the horde. Sunlight burns in a constant flare of glory around him, incinerating the undead as they fall.
  • Zahara dives through the ranks of the undead, spreading chaos and true death in her wake. As Tantamount's claws rake those that he can reach, and his spines spear those he cannot, her myriad weapons seek their own targets, slicing through zombies with the hunger in Zahara's eyes.

With the presence of the Solars, and the sudden conversion of the warriors upon the field, the battle's tide rapidly turns. Together, the forces destroy the zombies until no undead remain standing.

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