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Zahara places the unconscious Abyssal on the stone table, deep in the darkest part of the Manse, where men fear to tread. This..suite of rooms.. has the same kind of locks that the store rooms do, but they can only be opened from the outside, and only by one attuned to the Manse. The largest room, in the center, holds the table, with several smaller rooms off to the sides.

  • Cerin walks in beside her, looking about as he does, inwardly nervous at the ..decor.

<Cerin> "So this is where you are going to keep him. It seems to be quite secure.."

  • Zahara walks over to one side of the room that holds a black metal cabinet. She opens the door, displaying a shining array of instruments that reflect the light from several blue-white flares of essence. "A mortal, I would never have to worry about in here. Exalts take a little more effort." she says, pulling out what seems to be many iron links of a broken chain.
  • Cerin studies the chain and the other implements, shuddering slightly at the thought of their use "They can be inventive in escape, yes"

<Zahara> "I wouldn't put it past a powerful Exalt," she says as she flips the Abyssal on his stomach, stripping him naked as she does, and fastening his various limbs to the handy dandy shackles embedded into the table, "to try his hardest to break out. I'm sure there's an Exalt out there who can pick even an Essence-lock."

  • Cerin nods "I am sure there are...they is very little we seem to be incapable of given sufficient power, or need" he studies the cabinet "Can I help you in any way?"
  • Zahara ponders for a moment, "Help me with the rings. The sesselje will do most of the work, but they're not quite strong enough to seal the rings once they're in."

<Cerin> "Once they're in?" his eyebrow raising

<Zahara> "Oh, and you might have to help me hold him down. Although.." she thinks for a bit. "Ahh, yes. Just a moment, I need to get a spine from Tantamount." She leaves you to linger on the 'once they're in' thought.

  • Cerin is left feeling more than a little uncomfortable, as he wanders about the room, studying the various implements
  • Zahara eventually returns, holding several long, barbed spines very carefully. "Find anything interesting?" she smiles at him, though the smile has a strange edge to it.

<Cerin> "..You could describe them like that" the room and the smile putting him on edge slightly, before he concentrates again, banishing these thoughts

  • Zahara orders the sesselje to heal the man fully, the strange beetles emerging from her stomach, all three clicking and humming as they dive into the flesh of the unconscious man. "Now, there's one problem. This poison will paralyze him, but the Sesselje tend to soak up poisons, so we'll have to do it in stages."

<Cerin> "And what, exactly, are we doing?"

  • Zahara waits for the sesselje to leave the body, which is now very much awake and aware, and trying to release itself from the shackles, to drive one of the spines into his. The body goes rigid, although the abyssal remains awake. "Well, the best way to keep a prisoner from escaping is to chain him to the wall, usually."
  • Cerin nods "I'm aware of that, but why do I think thats not exactly what we're going to be doing?"
  • Zahara takes a quill and dips it in ink, making marks every few inches along his spine, arms and legs. "Oh, but we will." she grins at him, "it's just that the shackles will be a part of him when we're through."

<Cerin> "Ah, I see. That is secure I suppose"

  • Sesseljei crawl over the Abyssal, checking him out from the exterior before diving one after another into his navel. Moving like cancerous cysts across his stomach and chest, up his neck and finally roaming across his blackened face. Two of the bugs remain on his face, lumps that disfigure his plain features. Another moves down to his arm to repair Zahara's sunbursts.
  • Sesseljei make stomach-turning sucking noises as they drink the blood spilled from broken vessels and veins in his face and neck where Markuran's punches land. The pale skin clears quickly as the demon healers ravenously chase down their refreshments. Sharp twitches mark their stitching of the vessels as they work to repair his face and neck.
  • Cerin busies himself with gathering the nessesary implements for the operation, watching the abyssal carefully as he does so, especially watching for any signs he might use essence.
  • Zahara , once the Sesseljei are done, takes the first ring. "Okay, now, the most important ones are the spine. These cannot be removed without permanently paralyzing the captive. We'll start here, right where it joins the skull, and work down, then to the arms, and legs.
  • Sesseljei cluster around the Abyssal's spine, digging away flesh and bone to allow the rings to be inserted easily.
  • Cerin nods, and readies himself to bend the ring closed once Zahara has inserted it
  • Zahara slides the rings smoothly through the channels the sesseljei dig, and turns to Cerin, "Close these, please, and I'll bring the welding."
  • Cerin nods works his way down the spine, bending the metal rings closed with ease
  • Sesseljei scurry around each ring after it's placed in, closing the flesh right around it and making it move easily.

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