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Cerin seeks out Ssithumi again, several weeks after the discussion with her about his past self, and the strange metals. The jungles of Rathess held little to test his skills as a hunter. He finds her reading once more, though this time to some of the landbased stalkers. Not wanting to interupt, he settles down to listen until she has finished

<Ssithumi> After several moments, the Dragon-King lowers her text and turns to the Solar. "Ah, I see you have returned."

  • Cerin nods "I was curious as to if you had projects with which I could aid you"

She appears to think for a moment. "That is an interesting request, Solar. Why do you ask me?"

<Cerin> "I owe you something of a debt for the things we talked of, and I would ike to learn more of the Dragon Kings, my stay in Rathess the first time was rather brief"

She considers Cerin for a moment, and continues. "Hmmmm. I believe I do have a task I could set you to, if such is your desire."

  • Cerin nods "It is."

<Ssithumi> "Ah." She places her book gently into a simple bag she wears slung across her back, then stands.

<Cerin> *Cerin flows to his feet also, waiting for her to speak

<Ssithumi> "There are... there were, other races like mine, that walked Creation. I believed that they had all perished long, long ago. But a feeling today tells me that this is not so."

  • Cerin nods "I had only heard of your people though my visit to here, there could well be others similar to yourself out there"

<Ssithumi> "Yes. I hope that you might be able to tell me if any such beings still walk this land."

<Cerin> "If I encounter any such beings on my travels, I shall"

<Ssithumi> "Thank you, Cerin. I hope to hear more from you on this matter."

  • Cerin gives her a small bow "I hope to have news to report to you soon"

She returns the bow in kind.

<Cerin> "May the sun shine on you" and then he turns, and leaves her to her day...

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