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Cerin decides to leave Zahara to explore on her own for a while, the childish-glee starting to wear at him. He starts to explore some of the darker passages, slipping past the more feral stalkers

The passageways in this part of Rathess are darker and less well-maintained; they've grown a thin coating of algae and fungus in the time since the city fell.

  • Cerin doesnt so much notice the light levels dropping, except as a slight 'flattening' of the view through the visor on his armour. HE isnt sure where he's going quite yet, simply moving like a ghost through the passageways, letting them take him where they will.

Small lizards and other, more unusual creatures run from beneath Cerin's feet as he strides through the hallway.

  • Cerin reaches a large jade and gold encrusted door at the end of the passageway, the strange material seeming to ward off the algae and fungus. It doesnt open however, the essence locking channels still at full strength. He sighs softly, and starts to find his way up and out of the tunnels, eventually emerging into the sunlight in one of the more well maintained sections. "I wonder if Ssithumi will have the time for a chat..."
  • Cerin wanders over to the vines, selecting some of the more succulent, less lethal fruits and walks to find her
  • Ssithumi can be found in the aquatic district of the city, sitting upon a rock next to one of the canals. Several of the horrific sea dragon-kings, still bestial and barbaric, sit in the water, their necks upraised and their heads intent on Ssithumi's graceful form. As Cerin draws closer, he can see that she appears to be reading to them.
  • Cerin approaches very quitely, though he deliberately makes some noise when he gets to within about ten yards of her. "Greetings to you , Ssithumi. Is this a bad time for me to talk?" he speaks in soft HHS

She finishes reading a line in her clicky Dragon-Tongue, then says "No, Cerin, I have just finished my tale." She stands, then clicks at the Dragons again -- they plunge beneath the water and swim away. "Educating the young is difficult at the best of times, but much harder when there is but one of you and hundreds of them."

  • Cerin offers her one of the ..well it looks like an orange. "I can only imagine how hard it must be. I thank you for taking the time to speak with me"
  • Ssithumi takes the fruit, and consumes it in a single bite. "It is no difficulty. I have had very little... intelligent company in some time."
  • Cerin starts to peel one of the fruits for himself "That I can relate to, though until recently it was not something I noticed a lack of"

<Ssithumi> "Indeed." She looks at Cerin's slow method of eating with interest. "What is it that you wish to speak to me about?"

  • Cerin finsihes unpeeling the orange-like thing, and seperates off a section "I'm curious about this place, last time I was here, I did not stay long, though I am more curious about the name you called me.. ymir"

<Ssithumi> "Ah, yes, Ymir...." She seems to get a nostalgic look in her eyes; the red glow shifts towards purple.

  • Cerin smiles and eats one of the segments of the orange-thing "What ..what was I like?"

<Ssithumi> "When last I met you, it was three thousand years ago, and you wore that name proudly as the leader of the Shadows Resplendent, the secret police of the Deliberative. You were a gentle soul, slow to anger but quick to respond. You were a shining light even amongst the other Solars. It was... tragic what happened to you."

  • Cerin slows in his eating of the fruit, though not because it is sour "What happened?" he asks quietly, not entirely sure he wants to know"

<Ssithumi> "I... I do not think I dare tell you now."

She gazes downward, as if ashamed.

<Ssithumi> "I think that your Circle will do many more good deeds. I do not wish to break it apart with my tales of what is long past."

  • Cerin considers for a moment then he nods "...Perhaps it is best I do not know"

<Ssithumi> "...someday, I will tell you."

<Cerin> "Since I know nothing of it, I trust in your judgement. I thank you though."

  • Cerin is silent for a time, chewing on the orange-like fruit, before he looks up "Perhaps we shoudl move on to slightly less ...dangerous topics... I can see, as s one of my gifts that you are not exactly wholely a dragonking.."

<Ssithumi> "I am not just Ssithumi. There were once one hundred spirits of the Dragon-Kings, who merged with our race's greatest champions. These olchilike were like you Exalts -- the powerful champions of our race. Alas, all the other olchilikami were slain when they came to the aid of the usurped Solars, or slowly devoured by the horrors of the new world -- now, only I am left."

  • Cerin nods slowly "All I see in my travels is that it is a much reduced age from the one you must know..I do hope that with the others I can make it better. To make it up to them"

<Ssithumi> "I hope so as well. I have much hope for you and your companions."

  • Cerin seems to spend some time considering a difficult question

<Cerin> "I am not sure of the wisdom of this question but... I wish to ask you a question of magical lore"

<Ssithumi> "Please feel free to do so."

<Cerin> "On my travels I have encountered many things, fought with many things, and many have had weapons of the five normal materials..Orchalcum such as orders my wrist and your headdress..or jade as the dragon bloods wear, but one man I saw, the weapon, obviously a Daikliave, was made of pure red metal. Have you ever heard of such?"

<Ssithumi> "...I am afraid such a thing is a mystery to me. I know only of the four such materials."

  • Cerin nods "the four?"

<Ssithumi> "Orichalcum, moonsilver, jade, and starmetal -- each created to resonate with one of the four noble varieties of Exalted."

<Cerin> "...there is now a fifth I am sorry to say. The ones who use it call is Soulsteel. They ...were like us once, but twisted somehow, by sorcerries I cannot imagine"

<Ssithumi> "That is... unexpected." She seems surprised. "They have a metal of their own, you say?" She seems lost in thought for a second.

<Ssithumi> "Could it be....? Hmmmmm."

<Cerin> "I do not know much of its origins, I do not posses much lore beyond the realm of the gods and the wilderness." he looks up "Could it be what?"

<Ssithumi> "It was said to me by my elders that orichalcum was brought into the world by the resonance of the Solar Exalted with mortal metal -- their resonance with the stable element of Earth brought into existence the Essence-attuned metal which responds to the call of the chosen. Perhaps this... soulsteel you mention came into being in a similar fashion, if there are champions who wield it, as you say."

  • Cerin shrugs "Perhaps...you might be better talking with Zahara of this, though I would be grateful if you made no mention of the red metal her...I am not sure how she will take the news"
  • Ssithumi looks confused, but after a moment acquiesces to Cerin's wish. "I will make no mention of it."

<Cerin> "I am truely sorry to place you in such a situation but things are ...complex for me at the moment"

<Ssithumi> "I believe I saw the smallest part of that, in those earlier events. Have no worry, I will assist you."

<Cerin> "Thank you Ssithumi, I am in your debt"

  • Ssithumi bows in an unusual reptilian fashion to Cerin.

<Cerin> "You mentioned starmetal earlier..what do you know of the Chosen who wield it? We ecountered one some days a ago, but I have seen the likes of him only once before"

<Ssithumi> "In the previous age, the Sidereals were the viziers and advisors, the secretive and indirect warriors of the Deliberative. They were revered, much as all the Exalted were. What they have become in this age, I cannot say."

  • Cerin nods, then he checks his anima, "Thank you for your time, and your wisdom, Ssithumi, but I must depart" he stands and bows respectfully to her "Oh, one last thing, where are good spots for hunting within the jungle, if you have any you are willing to share"
  • Ssithumi directs Cerin to a spot nearby where prey can easily be ambushed as it prepares to drink.

<Ssithumi> "I hope I have provided useful information to you, Chosen. May the Sun shine upon your future affairs."

<Cerin> "And upon yours and your people"

  • Ssithumi seems to smile.
  • Cerin will leave her with the rest of the vine and depart.
  • Ssithumi returns to her rock, and begins to meditate.

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