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Cerin is stalking through the jungle around Rathess, on the trail of a Tyrant Lizard. This particular specimin is slightly wyld twisted, covered in scales that shimmer with pearlesant light, and with claws of pure wood. He plans to kill it leaving the skin intact, and then summon one of Grala's hounds to carry his request for an audience. the hunt and the skin will be his gift.

From one side, he hears the unique sounds of this beast's footfalls -- from a distance away.

  • Cerin wraps his anima about himself, and creeps closer to the beast, his passage undetectable from only feet away
  • Cerin starts to move slower as he draws nearer, lightly leaping up into the trees, now moving from branch to branch like a breeze as he closes with his prey

As Cerin draws closer, he catches a glance of the beast, tearing angrily at the corpse of a large herbivorous beast.

  • Cerin lets it eat for a while, as he moves closer until he is at the edge of the clearing, carefully drawing his bow, and an arrow from his quiver. He aims for the beasts chest, not wanting the battle to be over too soon, but not wanting to seriously mark the scales.

The beast continues eating, unaware of Cerin's motion.

  • Cerin lets the arrow fly the nect time it looks up, the arrow slicing through air and flesh with equal ease, embedding itself deeply

Cerin's arrow flies true, striking directly as aimed. The arrow plunges directly into the beast's heart, stopping it instantly. Without even crying out, the great lizard drops to the ground.

  • Cerin leaps down from the tree, and draws a knife. He starts to skin the animal, hanging the skin from the trees before using some of its blood in the ritual to call one of Grala's hounds to him, to relay a message to their Mistress

After some time, a spiritual hound wanders in -- stronger, more perfect than any real beast -- and begins to sniff the carcass of Cerin's newly acquired trophy. After a few moments, satisfied that it was slain in the proper fashion, it turns to Cerin with an inquisitive look.

<Cerin> "Greetings Hound of Grala, I am Cerin the Wolf, Hunter of the Empty Forest, I would speak with your mistress, if she would allow me some of her time. This pelt I give as a gift to her"

The hound examines the skin of the beast for a moment, then grabs it in its mouth. It turns to leave and fades away, bearing the great skin with it.

  • Cerin waits patiently

After half an hour, Cerin hears the faint sounds that signal Grala's arrival. To one side, a woman walks out of the jungle -- thin, with long raven hair and a cloak of black and gold feathers. She is a supremely beautiful woman; the only unusual feature she bears is the massive, cruel talons which hang where her hands might otherwise be. "You have called me, Hunter-Wolf."

  • Cerin bows to her "Thank you for answering my call. There are things afoot in Creation that I would know of what you know, for I know little, and you roam every where on your hunts"

The cruel-faced goddess nods at Cerin. "I know many things. Your offering is most impressive; what do you wish to learn of?"

<Cerin> "First may I ask, do you know any flower gods...one who's symbol is an infinately blooming lotus, for I have encountered his servent on many occasions"

<Grala> "Do you speak of Unfolding Petal, the God of the Fire Lilies?"

<Cerin> "I know not his name, but the flowers of his servent are flame-red lilies, so I think I might be speaking of him, yes"

<Grala> "I know of him."

<Cerin> "What can you tell me of him?"

<Grala> "He is a capricious god, as any knowledge of his blossoms would tell you. He is mercurial and often difficult to deal with."

  • Cerin nods "Does he have any notable allies amongst the gods that you know of?"

<Grala> "He has two close associates: Ten-Beasts-Rising and Kasima the Knife."

<Cerin> "Do they have sigils or signs assosciated with their agents, like Unfolding Petals blooming lily?"

<Grala> "The mark of the fang-filled mouth and the sign of the dagger." She looks at Cerin for a moment.

<Grala> "Cerin...."

  • Cerin looks at her "Yes, Grala?"

She turns to disappear, but before she does: "Do not investigate too deeply into this. I find your hunts too pleasant for that."

  • Cerin bows to her "Thank you for your time, I shall heed your advice, if the world will let me"

With a rush of wings, Grala turns her feathery cloak through the air, and is gone.

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