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Half a glass of Celestial Wine after the match on top of the Koi God's pond, Markuran and Selonis are conversing jovially in one of the pond-size cafes, served by a scuttling shellfish elemental with shimmering ice in place of chitin.

  • Selonis eats heartily from the brimming plates of juicy raw meat brought to his half of the table.
  • Markuran contents himself with the incomparable wine in the glass before him. His stomach still feels quite full of sweet, goey confections even after the match burned off much of the excess. Mark will probably carry the weight from Heaven for a good while, when he returns to Creation.
  • Selonis licks his chops clean after finishing another plate, and turns to the bucket of wine placed next to it.

<Markuran> "Selonis, do you know..Seven Dancing..no..Leaping! Herons?"

<Markuran> "Seven Leaping Herons. That's his name.."

  • Selonis raises a golden eyebrow and masticates a little in thought. "Hmmmm. I cannot say that I have ever encountered that name before. What manner of being is he?"

<Markuran> "A Sidereal Exalted. He appears now and then to ask 'favors' of my friends and I."

<Markuran> "Like fetching mysterious spheres from mysterious creatures that live on mysterious islands."

<Selonis?> "A Sidereal Exalted, you say...." He slurps from the bucket thoughtfully. "They have not enjoyed an open welcome in Yu-Shan for thousands of years."

  • Markuran looks keenly interested. "Why not?" takes another sip of his wine, savoring it for a minute or two, letting it trickle down his throat drop by drop.

<Selonis?> The lion's face darkens ever so slightly. "The rule of the Celestial Exalted was not kind, towards the end. Their work in Creation grew dark and twisted, and their presence in Heaven grew dangerous. The doors of Yu-Shan were barred to them when the Sun turned his face from his progeny, and they have not seen the streets of Heaven since, except during the Carnival."

<Markuran> "And now, that the Sun turns his face to us again?"

  • Selonis thinks for a moment. "I am not one to say. There has been no great pronouncement, to echo through the streets of Heaven, as there was for the downfall of the Deliberative. All Heaven waits with bated breath to discover what lies in store now."

<Markuran> "And what do you hope is said?" Mark's somewhat unfocused eyes watch the Lion's big face carefully from behind his glass of wine

<Selonis?> "I hope for nothing. It is my duty to guard the gates of heaven, and that is what I do." He takes another giant swig of wine.

  • Kraken is now known as Kraken|Sleepeth

<Markuran> "As I just learned, you ability to do so is unquestionable." Mark grins at the Lion, rubbing a hand over his chest where until recently deep clawmarks had marred the flesh

  • Selonis laughs a deep, roaring laugh.

<Selonis?> "I have had little call to guard these doors of late. I have been glad for the challenge you presented."

<Markuran> "As I said, I hope to test you again in the future. Even after the Carnival."

<Selonis?> "Mmmm. I would be glad for it, young one."

  • Selonis roars at one of the small waitrons, and it quickly brings him another bucket of wine.

<Markuran> "I doubt Grala will ferry me to Heaven, how else can we arrange to meet?"

  • Selonis thinks about the matter for a moment.

<Selonis?> "I am afraid your kind are still barred from Heaven during the seasons," he says gravely. "Perhaps I could meet you in one of the Islands of Glass."

<Markuran> "Islands of Glass?"

<Selonis?> "The seven minor spiritual realms which circle the City of Heaven," he says, and gestures vaguely with one paw toward somewhere else.

<Markuran> "How do I reach them?"

<Selonis?> "There were gateways, once, that could take the Chosen to the Isles... though I do not know the secret of their operation, myself."

<Markuran> "..what did they look like? We found some gateways recently.."

<Selonis?> "I expect these are the same. The Hundredfold constructed them to travel throughout the worlds, and the Chosen used them often in their rulership of Creation."

<Markuran> "Who might know how to use them to reach the isles?"

  • Selonis shakes his head. "That knowledge is lost from the minds of men. Look to those who built them."

<Markuran> "Who are these hundredfold?"

  • Selonis seems surprised that Marku does not know. "The original inhabitants of Creation, of course."

<Markuran> "...like the Xi-Ma-Taxi?"

  • Selonis nods.

<Markuran> "Well, I'll ask them. We found their..home.."

<Markuran> "Speaking of the ancient gear-fish, do you know any god or person that would know of them? And their time?"

  • Selonis seems a little surprised. "I did not know they still lived upon Creation's shores."

<Markuran> "They do. They don't like me. I don't have enough lipid mass or some such thing."

  • Selonis ponders the second matter. "There are few amongst the gods who wish to speak of them. Perhaps Iallu the Ten-Faceted might be able to assist you, however."

<Markuran> "I'll have to look for him before Calibration ends. Otherwise, I'll see about asking Jamara of the Sharpglade to carry a message. She has done me..favors in the past."

  • Selonis nods again.

<Selonis?> "Iallu is not the most sociable of spirits. You might do well to have something interesting to offer her, if you wish a meeting."

  • essential is now known as Birds-of-Trinity

<Markuran> "Interesting..like what?"

<Selonis?> "She is a collector of arcane knowledge, trivia. Strange details. Her ability to learn new things is hampered by her duties and her fear of journeying from her sanctum, however. If you should be able to procure any such information for her, she would be far more likely to assist you."

  • Birds-of-Trinity drops a pitcher of something boiling onto the table as she arrives. "Pardon me. Selonis--I understand that is your name--I wanted to compliment you on your prowess in battle. You must be a formidable guardian! Hello, Markuran."
  • Markuran nods slowly. "I think I know what may interest her..." the Solar's mind wanders to a certain red-metal dagger laying on a work table in the Labyrinth and a certain Island in the far west that Birds of...oh there she is..

<BirdsOfTrinity> "You have to try this drink I found. It's warm and it bubbles while you drink it!"

  • Markuran shakes his head. "It can not be better then this wine. Try some."
  • Markuran offers her a sip from his glass
  • Birds-of-Trinity drinks. "Delicious!"
  • Markuran nods, returning to savoring his drink. "I don't know if I'll be able to go back to drinking that eel-piss in Creation.."
  • Selonis says, "Hello, Birds-of-Trinity. I thank you for your kind words."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "...I couldn't help but overhear Marku trying to broker some kind of information deal. Always on the job, you know." She twirls her finger around a stray lock of hair, "So what's that about?"

<Selonis?> "He seems to be very interested in the previous inhabitants of Creation. I have instructed him as to a source which might assist him in his queries."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "...previous...inhabitants..." she mutters. "You don't say!"

  • Selonis nods again.

<Markuran> "Like the gear-fish that Zahara made friends with."

<Selonis?> "It is a matter of much amusement in Heaven that you refer to the Deliberative as the 'First' Age."

  • Birds-of-Trinity looks at Markuran with poorly-feigned disinterest.

<Markuran> "How would we find this Iallu?"

<Selonis?> "I believe for this Carnival she has taken up residence in the Echoing Spiral Remarkable," gesturing with a paw towards one tower. "She tends to shy away from the more festive elements of the Carnival."

  • Markuran nods. "We'll have to see her too...so many people to see."
  • Selonis roars in delight as a new course of bizarre foods is brought to the table.
  • Birds-of-Trinity pokes gingerly at something that goes "ting!" until she realizes it is a utensil, not a snack.
  • Markuran digs into the new serving, despite the feeling of his tunic pressing more tightly against his belly as he continues to feast.

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