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While Lucent stays behind to speak with the faerie ladies, Zahara and Riordan walk out to begin the journey back to the Sunlands.

zahara walks in silence for a while, toying with the scarf around her waist and staring off into the distance, regardless of how distant it is at the moment. "So," She pauses again, "You will be the ambassador of the Lapis Court, then?"

Riordan nods. "I would think so, yes... if you would have me," he says, and bows with an extra flourish.

zahara smiles, "Yes, of course. It has been too long since I have had a fae guest."

zahara #op

Riordan grins with half of his mouth. "Are you sure it will not bother you overmuch to have... one of my kind, staying nearby?"

zahara laughs oddly, "I suppose we shall see. But I believe we can benefit from eachother's presence, assuming you behave." She wags her finger at him half-teasingly

Riordan "I behave very well," he says, smiling at first, but growing more serious as he finishes the statement. "...how much do you know of our kind, Zahara?"

zahara "I know best how to destroy your kind. The effects of cold iron and essence deprivation, for example. I know that in the Wyld you can shape the world at your whim and, to a much lesser extent, in Creation. That you live through your stories, and you shape yourself around what you call Graces." She turns to look at him directly, "And I know that you feed on the souls and dreams - and ambient emotions - of humans."

Riordan nods. "We are not... from what you call Creation," he said. "Many of us are not... kind, when we deal with those like you, who are shaped."

zahara "As well I know."

Riordan "We are the people of stories," he says, continuing to walk, "and as stories have heroes... there are also villains."

zahara nods, listening quietly

Riordan "And our greatest triumphs come from the grandness of the stories we are tied to... whatever their outcome. I... think you know something of this, too."

zahara "Indeed I do." She takes a last swig from the wineskin, now empty.

Riordan looks at Zahara with a glint in his eye. "So why do you think I have chosen to accompany you?"

zahara "Why, because you can think of nothing better than to help me conquer my enemies." She smiles, though it does not reach her eyes.

Riordan "Not exactly," he says.

zahara "What story do you wish to create, then?"

Riordan looks at Zahara and turns the question back around on her. "What story do you wish to create?"

zahara sighs, and pulls up a piece of scenery to sit on. "I don't know anymore," she says bleakly.

Riordan "Anymore?"

zahara "Some dreams are but children's dreams." She offers the empty wineskin back to him.

Riordan "I am not a child, Zahara," he says, looking at her. "And yet, I still dream."

zahara "Nor am I," she replies quietly, "but I have ceased to."

Riordan grins. "Perhaps that shall be my first project as Ambassador from the Lapis Court," he says. "To take the Dreambreaker, and transform her into the Dreamweaver."

zahara chuckles looking up to the sky, "Good luck."

zahara Suddenly, she asks, "Do your tales speak of the day Tevezst disappeared from Creation?"

Riordan gasps a little. "That topic is... quiet. Too quiet." He looks at Zahara carefully. "We are all not quite sure... exactly what happened to Tevezst."

zahara cocks her head to one side, "I took back some of what he had stolen from me. Someday, perhaps, I will show you."

Riordan nods. "I would like to see that, I think." And he smiles, warmly.

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