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Lucent As Varanim returned to her room, she could hear... THINGS... from inside her closed doors. Whispers. Giggles. The sound of feet tapping back and forth. And stranger sounds still! Something was clearly wrong.

Varanim takes a firmer grip on her stick, narrows her eyes, and flings the door open.

Lucent As Varanim opens the door, she sees... maids. Five maids, whose skin dark as Varanim's own, raven-black hair thrice, one of golden hair, the other of green hair much like Varanim herself! In their hands her books, one of them scrubbing a diagram off the ground, another with feather duster cleaning the wall!

Lucent And to one, all of them freeze as she comes in, eyes wide towards the Necromancer!

Varanim stares at them for a moment with an incredulous expression. "...what the hell do you think you're doing?"

Maids They look at each other, exchanging panicked and odd glances, then turn back to her!

Varanim "Did Zahara put you up to this?" She begins unwinding the bandages from her arm with a vaguely sinister speculative expression.

Maids "What does it look like?" The first one says, "Cleaning up your room!" chimes the second one, "This thing is a MESS!" says the third, finishing scrubbing a diagram on the floor! "TERRIBLE, why didn't you ask before?" the last one hits a spot with her feather duster, raising a cloud that covers her in a fit of coughing.

Varanim "It was arranged perfectly," Varanim snaps. "You DO know that I can condemn your souls to eternal servitude, right? I mean, we're clear on that?"

Maids exchange terrified glances. "H-he wouldn't let you!" She nods, shaking, "Y-yes! He s-said you were harmless!" she holds the blonde's hand, "A-and nice!" The last one finishes her coughing, "O-or he wouldn't have sent us here!"

Varanim "And as a point of fact, I didn't ask at all." Her eyes narrow again. "HE said? Did he have, by any chance, big, stupid, perfect shiny eyes to go with his vapid faith in the importance of outer cleanliness?"

Varanim "And dammit, don't touch that bottle."

Maids "YES!" They all say in unison, holding hands together in front of their chests, all giving out lovesick sighs. Except for the one with the feather duster, who brought it too close to her face and begun to cough again. "Soooo perfect... but he's NOT VAPID!" Four fingers point in her direction! "The patriarch's very wise!"

Maids The maid finishes cleaning the bottle and hands it to her, pristine and SHINING! "Ladies shouldn't drink, you know."

Varanim looks frankly stunned for a moment. "In about ten seconds," she finally says carefully, "the floor of this room is going to EXPLODE with skeletal hands. Nine, eight..."

Maids "Noooo!" Three jump on her, holding her arms and looking up with pleading eyes! (The blonde was still helping the third black-haired with her second fit of coughing) "Please! If we don't leave it all clean, like he said, we'll have failed, and he'll be sad, and mad at us..."

Varanim A sort of ripple goes through Varanim's left arm, though she otherwise holds herself very still. "What... exactly... did he say?"

Maids The one woman touching her soulsteel arm begins to hear the moaning souls and shies away, watching her in... well, horror. The center one, who thankfully wasn't, looks up, "Well, he said that you were living in a way that didn't befit a 'beautiful Solar' like you." They look into each other eyes at the quote, then back at her, and nod, "And that we had to clean your room throughout, and make it 'fit for a queen'!"

Varanim "Oh, that DOES it. Zee will understand," she says grimly, and drops to one knee. She claps her hands together and then slams the soulsteel one against the floor with a dissonant ringing. She begins to speak, five distinct and terrible words that latch like hooks into something below...

Maids "And he said it was very important!" They nod, "A duty for the sun!" They did not seem very religious as they said that, however, only thinking of him... and as she begins to do it, their eyes go wide, huddling together "W-w-w-what are you d-d-d-doing?"

Varanim Varanim manages to break rhythm between successive words to helpfully add, "Five! ... Four! ... Three!"

Maids They look down, seeing the sigils around her, the ringing, the words, the ground shift under their feet... and wide eyes fill with tears! "Eeeeeeeeekkkk!" They all cry out, stomping out of the room as fast as they can, leaving all their implements, shrieks echoing down the corridor!

Varanim bites her tongue to swallow the last word, spitting out a bit of blood and shuddering as the power dissipates and the floor stops trembling. "Consider atheism!" she yells down the hall after them, then slams her door.

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