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zahara finishes walking the newly-cleared site where the school will be built. She has left behind herself an unbroken line of essence-infused salt to mark where each of the walls will go, as demons and mortals can be rather unreliable as to following blueprints if not properly guided. She surveys it once more, and then steps over to where Spring is waiting. "Any last changes before we begin?"

Spring "Perhaps slightly larger entrances to the Sphere might be useful, on consideration. We may find it to be quite popular."

zahara "Hmmm what about two entrances. This one for regular use, and a grand one that can be opened on arena days? I believe it would be an excellent way to get yet more attention on the proper days. Perhaps a threatening-looking portcullis... or grand doors... hmm."

Spring "An excellent idea. And perhaps we might have special entrances for the competitors connecting to it?"

zahara grins, "Yes, for a more dramatic entrance. I like it!"

Spring smiles in return. "I leave it in your hands."

zahara walks back over to the site of the dome, and shifts some lines around, calling the foremen of the project over to discuss with them the details of the changes, and amending the blueprints as well. They bow to her and move over to the gathered workers to discuss how to go about making them as Zahara strolls back over. "Once they get the foundations and such built, I'll be getting my hands dirty, I think."

Spring "Ah, delegation. A familiar concept in theory."

zahara "But not in practice?"

Spring "I would not say it came easily to me."

Spring "Would you?"

zahara "One must delegate in running a country. For instance I had delegated the armies of the Sunlands to Thirteen."

Spring "True."

zahara "And so it goes." She looks out over the site as the builders begin to haul blocks of stone and such to their proper places, though she does not see each worker scurrying (or staggering beneath great weight) about but rather the overall pattern of the work. "Some things I must do myself, of course, for others do not share my skill or sensibilities."

Spring "An inevitable consequence of artistry, I suppose."

zahara "Indeed," she agrees, her gaze growing distant for a moment, feeling the ebb and flow of the work and identifying inefficiencies and better routes. A soft golden glow suffuses her and the foremen of the project look up at her. A long moment passes and then - clarity. They nod and transmit the new orders down the line to and the production shifts to the new flow easily.

Spring observes appreciatively.

zahara "Care for a drink?" She gestures to a nearby table that holds several goblets and a few bottles of wine.

Spring glances at the bottles somewhat apprehensively, but nods. He picks up a bottle, thinks for a moment, and taps the neck, expelling the cork, then pours.

zahara She notes his look at the bottle and queries, "hmm, do you not drink these days? I can provide some... water, or juice?"

Spring "It is all the same to me. I am merely not used to drinking from a goblet."

zahara half-smiles, and nods. "Well, I think you will find that doing so makes the flavor a bit better." She takes her own glass and sips it slowly. "So." She incises a small pattern into the table with a fingernail. "Your plans are coming to fruition. Are you getting everything you wanted from your return to the Sunlands?"

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