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Luc's ring-talk reverie is suddenly and unceremoniously shattered: there is a massive explosion, and the entirety of the mansion shakes, as plaster and other rubble falls from the damaged ceiling.

Lucent looks up as a piece of rubble falls on his face, walking towards the explosion. ::Oh, FINALLY.::

The erymanthoi move into tight formation around Lucent, ready for a struggle, but as ordered, ready to move along with him if he commands it.

Lucent "Spread out!" He says. "Find whatever is doing this!"

The demons break and move out throughout the many passageways and rooms of the mansion, even as the smell of smoke begins to waft in to where Lucent is standing.

Lucent looks most lost and worried, scurrying to and fro like a poor cornered noble

Lucent's wandering is interrupted by another explosion of brilliant blue light, this one ripping through the hallway directly in front of him, its heat spreading back to buffet across his face.

Lucent "Aaaaahhh!" Lucent falls down on his back, so scared, moving to the little bar on the room, opening all he could, finding some knives, cold sweat running down his forehead, breath heavy...

The beams that hold up the ceiling begin to buckle, and more rubble falls. Through the hole now blown open in the building not far from where he kneels, Lucent can see some of those who have come after him: people, men and women, bearing the Broken Suns mark -- and on their arms, pronged, knobbed, or serrated devices made of purest crystal.

At the moment, Lucent can see three of them.

Lucent gets up, looking at them with silverware between his fingers. "You all have one chance to walk away." He is shaking, cold sweat down his face, for them, trying to be confident when he is clearly NOT.

The foremost of the attackers that Lucent sees -- a young man, probably no more than 17 -- responds by holding his arm up stock-straight -- and tendrils of light unfold from it, and begin to arc viciously in Lucent's direction.

Lucent makes it as if he tried to dodge, unssucessfully, the weapon striking at his side!

Lucent feels the essence tendril slide through his skin and latch on to a piece of his very soul -- and with it comes an intense, almost unimaginably forceful pull from the heart of the crystalline armband.

Lucent's will is strong: he resists the pull, though the effort of it ensures that not all the sweat on Lucent's brow is falsified, and the tendril remains resolutely attached.

Lucent staggers back, eyes wide... and then, his mouth forms a grin. An irrirated grin. "Well, now. I wanted to give you some fun. A sense of beating up on the big bad Solar. But you HAD to bring in the big arms." Lighr explodes from Lucent, his bandages breaking down, perfect skin beneath it. Light so bright... that the person beneath it is wreathed in shadow.

Lucent Just the eyes and the grin showing. "So, playtime's over. I am going to ENJOY crippling you all."

Lucent shatters his own anima, pieces of crystalline light spreading to them, the slivers of his shadow-crescent with them. Slivers that join behind the back into a shadow of Lucent, knives in hand, "Boo" the shadow whispers in his ear, before proceeding to slash every important muscle on his body.

The figure falls completely prone like a rag doll, every muscle in his body severed by the slivers of Luc's anima, his eyes glazed in terror at the Solar's terrifying aegis.

Luc can see the terror that crosses over the faces of the other two attackers as the first one falls -- death they expected from their crusade, but this?

However, their training motivates them nonetheless, and the two others push through through the smoke and rubble, raising their own arms. The one launches a spray of her own jagged Essence particles through the air, while the second fires off a singular large globe of Essence, both straight for Lucent.

Lucent spreads his arms, the crystals coming back to his body, shining like glass, unbreakable. "You CANNOT harm me, little ones." He stood more solid than ever before, holding the light on his fingers and attempting to will it into GOING AWAY.

Lucent feels the bubble of Essence try to lock him down, and the shards try to tear his soul to shreds, and once again: he resists, with all his being, with all the force he can muster: and though it is painful, quite painful, the weapons have no hold on him.

Lucent almost goes to one knee, biting his lip and holding to the nearest desk, waving his arm to shatter all the adornments over. "You. Hurt. Me." He moves again, in the same dark crescent formed by his anima, all the way behind the woman. "Do you understand what I am going to do to you now? Zahara will dream of the things I will do to you. Spring will spend years puzzling over the things I will do to you."

Lucent "Your days as a bypedal vertebrate are over." The silverware slides in, in the same way.

The two others collapse, their tendons and vital muscles torn and lacerated by Lucent's viscious assault.

Lucent sighs, straightening his clothes. "Well, now, that was annoying." He walks to the nearest one, kicking his stomach. "You STUPID Mortal. You alone?" Another kick, and then his foot on his throat, "I may do MORE than peel your stupid face off if you do not answer me. Now."

"Not... alone," he wheezes.

Lucent flares, every movement he takes something out of a legend as he looks around, trying to find the others, to hear their footsteps, anything. "WELL?"

The third explosion -- this one is green -- doesn't bother to take out a portion of the mansion far away from Lucent or otherwise vaguely threaten the Zenith: it goes off from somewhere almost directly below his feet, tearing through the floor like tissue paper and blasting the objects upon it into the sky.

Lucent dusts himself off, his clothes tattered but his self untouched, shining like diamond.

Lucent "Efficient."

Lucent ((SCRATCH THAT!))

Lucent is flies with the explosion, his light winking out, his form rising up, amidst the green lights, falling heavily upon a piano on the first floor together with all the rubble of the second... and for a moment, he disappears in the dust. Just a moment. His light flares, dissipating dust and rubble, and he stands, skin like diamond, clothes tattered and flesh unharmed. (1232008 12:00:03 AM) Day changed to 03 Dec 2008

Five more Broken Suns encircle Lucent as he emerges from the dust, the many and varied crystalline weapons angrily humming on their arms and hands accented by the foremost (and tallest) of them, who matches his two crystal gauntlets with a spiked crystalline helm.

"Die, monster," he says, his voice almost unrecognizably distorted. "You don't belong in this world."

Lucent puts his foot atop the piano, smiling. "On the contrary. I RULE it."

The man in the helm nods, and as one, the Broken Suns open fire, waves and tendrils of Essence washing out and lighting the thick dust to a brilliant, unearthly shine. And the man in the helm narrows his eyes as he lets loose the soul-devouring force held only loosely in check on each of his arms.

Lucent smiles, his stance that of a Primordial. He is not in one place, but in many. He is not a single creature, he is a world.

Lucent His Compassion rushes from him, the young Lucent, holding one of the attacks to his breast!

Lucent His Conviction rushes from him, vicious look in his eyes and green flame in his mark, slapping it away!

Lucent His Valor, clad as as a scoprion-warrior of the south, holding it with force on his hand!

Lucent His Temperance, meditating, clad as Sun's Hierophant, taking it to his brow and vanishing.

Lucent And Lucent holds the tallest's Soul-Devouring Force in his hands, wrapping it in his anima with a grin to the leading man. "You should have ran when you had the chance. You are in MY world now."

The man in the helm narrows his eyes yet further.

Lucent flares, great crystalline eyes appearing above them all, eyes of Heaven's Adamant pronouncing their sentence! "This is divine punishment!" The Primordial bodies of Lucent move in tandem with him, a maddening dance that leaves two globes upon his hands, shining with soul-killing art. He lets them out, at the main in the helm and the closest to him! "Begone!"

The first globe tears through its target's chest with utter viciousness, leaving his perfectly undisturbed body to fall dead to the ground as his soul is torn out the back, screaming as it tears into tiny scraps before blowing away on the non-existent wind.

The man in the helm, though, squints at the ball that flies towards him, and energy arises from the helm, to intercept and dissipate the attack in midair.

Lucent "Well, now, this is no fun."

Lucent His bodies broke down into pillars of salt, and as he stood in the middle, they begun to form the Orbs of the Coronal. Three of them but without the marks of the Incarna. Instead, in them were the Kanji for 'Fury', 'Agony' and 'Hatred.' He pointed all of them foward, letting them break down in razor-sharp shards to strike the three men with the tallest, leaving only the two of them. "Well, now," Lucent ripped his shirt off, leaving only the tattered pants. "Showti

  • "showtime!"

Three more bodies hit the floor as three bodies' worth of blood spatter across the walls, the chunks of brutalized flesh spreading out as the motive forces holding them together give way and the souls depart in very much the traditional way, leaving only two combatants left: Lucent, and the man in the helm.

Lucent "They break so easily." Lucent waits for his move. "What about you?"

"I will see you perish," he says, and tendrils burst out from the weapons on both arms as all three pieces of his crystal begin to glow ever-brighter.

Lucent Lucent walks towards the Mortal, battered by the soul-devouring weapons, his anima crackling under the stress. But he did not stop, his eyes crystallizing with the man's image on them. "I am not going to perish. Not for you. Not today." They strike. He almost goes to one knee, then rises, gritting his teeth. "I appear on the list twice."

Lucent "And it is NOT TODAY."

The feel of the hooks, pulling, tugging on his soul is purest agony, like ten thousand ice-cold daggers shoved into every inch of his body... but even now, the Sun inside him keeps Lucent warm.

Lucent Pain. Everything on him feels like pain. He touches the sun on his breast, as it forms, as it flares again. "T-this... is... why. You are drawn to it, right? Like moths to the fire, the point of no return. All of you. Drawn to the fire. So let us go!" He ripped the sun from his breast, holding it on his hand, his fingers cracking it like an egg to hold it. "So let us walk into the fire!"

Lucent The sun exploded from him, burning the corpses about the man, "And let it BURN!" And he let go. The sun sped through the man, breaking down in five different versions of him. Lucent, perfected, golden, burning, punching his helmet, kicking his legs, stabbing his heart, all at once! "Let us BURN!"

His helm no use against Lucent's own assault, the man has nothing left to do but close his eyes and accept the death that comes swiftly upon him as his entire body is utterly destroyed under Lucent's vicious assault.

There is a long moment as the pain fades, as the Essence dissipates, as the rage of battle subsides... and finally, Luc finds himself standing alone, in the basement of the ruined mansion, surrounded only by the corpses of his enemies.

Lucent "It is what we deserve."

Lucent walked up the ruined stairs, not bothering to cremate the last foe. Upstairs, were two of the broken three were still alive after the explosion... looking at him. "Damn you." He plucked one of the Coronal's Orbs that had been left around, out of his armor, his fingers cracking into it, walking towards one of them. "Damn you to hell. You think I care about this? That I care about you? That I care about ANY of this?" The orb came down, and blood rose up.

Lucent \Well, uh, it's POSSIBLE that your problem is you're a big ol' Essence slut.\ And blood stained his pants.

Lucent \"Oh, sure, you were special, baby. And they all called you in the morning, right??\ The sound of breaking bones.

Lucent \"You want to be right about me, which isn't really the same thing."\ A wail of pain.

Lucent \"No, no. You missed it. I want to be wrong. I want you to prove me wrong."\ Blood reached as far up as his face.

Lucent \"I care about you, idiot."\ And the orb down again, breaking the jaw, no more wails.

Lucent \ I. Will. Take. You. Back. So I swear."\ A sickening, satisfying crunch

Lucent \Maybe another time, Adar--" she breaks off with a brief look of horror on her face

Lucent \"You don't know ANYTHING. Why are you here? This is YOUR fault."

Lucent \"Thoughtful AND clever. You're lucky I'm married," she winks at him

Lucent \"If you're wrong," she says deliberately, "I'll never forgive you. I PROMISE."

Lucent \"What did I do?" She throws her hands up, then snatches up a nearby scroll to cover herself. "I spent the WHOLE DAY working in my room, ALONE, because you were NEVER HERE."\ "You hear me?!?"

Lucent \"You can't see things because you're blinded by your own light."\ "I don?t care about you!"

Lucent \this thing we've been doing is nice, but it's over now."\ "I never did!"

Lucent \it doesn't even qualify as over, because it never was\ "I HATE YOU."

Lucent \Your deeds are meaningless, your rituals are vanity, and in the end one truth remains: the common element in all of your failures is you.\ "I HATE YOU ALL."

Lucent \"All I have ever wanted," she says, her voice unsteady, "is to be left alone"\ "I... hate..."

Lucent \"Here. Now we are even."\ "... you!"

Lucent \another time, Adar?thoughtful AND clever now we are even the common element of all your failures is you I will take you back this is all your fault I will never forgive you is to be left alone to do my work blinded by your own light never here deeds meaningless now we are even It Never Was Adar Thoughtful Cleverfailuresallyourfaultblindedbylight?

Lucent He was crying as he fell to his knees, before the broken, mutilated body of his assassin, hugging it as it was about to let out its last breath... and holding that last breath. And healing her. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Oh sun, I'm sorry. Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry..."

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