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Cerin looks out over the city for a few moments, spending some time looking down at Zahara, watching as Spring finally vanished off the edge of the range of his perception, having escape the hordes of fans. "It's ... complicated," is the answer he eventually settles on, not quite ready, or sure of how, to explain the intricate details of his relationship with the Circle.

Lucent looks at the same sight as he does, deep in thought. "I suppose it is." He smiles, then looks down there. "They are very lively, are they not? Her people." He nods. "What if I asked you to paint pieces... for them? As part of an illustrated book?"

Cerin "An illustrated book?" he turns to look at Lucent

Lucent "Hmmmhmmm." He nods, resting on his elbows on a floating rail made by Secrets. "I am told our people are most ignorant of our exploits."

Cerin "Telani, certainly, was not entirely wrong about the events of recent years."

Lucent blinks. "Telani?"

Cerin "A mortal Zahara conversed with on one of her trips out amongst the populace whilst in disguise."

Lucent "Oh, I see. So she knew about our exploits? How we evaded the Ebon Dragon, how we barely survived the Nightblossom and the contenders for the Auric Temple's power but came out triumphant? How we saved souls accross time and space?"

Cerin "Oh, no. As I said, she was not entirely wrong."

Lucent smiles. "They may piece the overall direction of things, but in the long run, that is not important." He concedes, "Rulers rise and fall. Heroes live forever."

Cerin "Do they?"

Lucent "Do you know of Rosada's army overall, Cerin? Do you know about Kiriath's repurposing of farmland in the Blessed Isle? Do you know about the Platinum Sail Plan concocted by Askaru and Leviathan to better feed and distribute fleets in the West?"

Lucent "Do yo know about them in a capacity other than heroes or villains?"

Cerin "Lucent, until I spefically went looking into old libraries and forgotten tombs and pieced their stories together, I knew nothing of them."

Cerin ** specifically

Lucent "But what do you know of them is that, right? To tell the truth, I do not remember the specifics of economic plans or just or unjust rule anymore. I remember the feuds, the fights, the opinions."

Cerin "It is the stories that present themselves more readily, it is true."

Lucent "Cerin the Wolf, consort of the queen of the Sunlands, a shadowy individual who at times did deals and business that could never be shown in the light of day is dust to the seas of history." He shakes his head. "Cerin of Arranth, who swore revenge on Gods, who worked for the Lily and defected out of love, who brought low gods and returned from Malfeas for the same love will live forever."

Cerin shakes his head, a slightly sad smile on his face. "Cerin of Arranth cannot live forever, for he will never be remembered. That name has no meaning, now."

Lucent "Oh." Lucent assents. "I am sorry. I, more than anyone, should know about that."

Cerin "Don't be. It was a gift, freely given."

Lucent nods. "Good." He smiles... happy for that, but in an almost melancholic fashion

Cerin "Stories, though. And my drawings, or paintings?"

Lucent "Drawings. Imrama is going to write it. Spring is going to edit it. Although I have yet to talk to them." He said with a voice that was confident both men would break no argument. "An illustrated book! With drawings of Cerin the wolf to go with the narration! To be copied and sent to libraries and schools around the Sunlands!"

Cerin nods, contemplative.

Lucent "It would require you to work close with Imrama to see about the drawings matching the pictures, but it is not like he will ever describe anything you have not seen, and I trust that, anything you have seen, you can draw most masterfully."

Cerin "Yes," he nods again.

Cerin with a smile

Lucent "And it will be... a chronicle of this Circle, from its onset until now. Our fights, our victories, our tragedies. Romanticized, with some doing more, or less, than they did, and with state secrets buried... but as faithful as it can be managed within that frame. What do you think?"

Cerin "That is certainly possible, yes," he agrees. "It will be an interesting challenge."

Lucent "Great! Thank you, Cerin. Let us show Creation that it lives a time of LEGENDS!" And with that Lucent let himself fall, the Coronal coming to help him down! Every movement like Legend, he danced in the air towards the crowd!

Lucent And upon falling, in a way that would shatter the bones of most men but barely fazed him he stood with a smile that almost blinded the crowd. Literally. Of course, he then discovered the problem with fans... and that, to his changrin, he lacked Spring's mobility.

Cerin watches him fall, remaining on the roof himself, watching over the assembled crowds.

Cerin He smiled a little, as he watched Lucent flee from his adoring public. Book 15, Chapter 31 ...

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