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Colapso "... but, Joybringer, that is NOT my Igretes!" Lucent finished telling himself an old joke relating to certain kitchen appliances and the prayer practices of the Golden Ones in the First Age. "Ooh, I had forgotten how good it was to just TALK about those things..."

Imrama "Ha ha ha ha," Imrama laughs heartily at Lucents joke. "Indeed. And I am very glad to find someone else who has read the Eightfold Epic of the Rakish Magician."

Colapso "I saw it as it was written, actually. Originally, the Pirat was supposed to take Amara's role to aid in Karatva's sacrifice, but it was decided to create Amara... and she ended up being a breath of fresh air." He nods, pondering. "Ah, Golden Literature. I miss it." He exhales, "Must as I miss the Golden Ones themselves."

Imrama "Mm. Thankfully, however, their number are but one of many wonders now returning in the 3rd Age."

Lucent "Ah, yes, An-Teng. I have been thinking about them, as well, once I begun to move... I have been thinking of taking them under my wing, of helping their numbers grow. And of enlisting the help of some of them to my army, when they have taken their place back. I am told Cerin has just returned from it, however..."

Lucent "Ah, yes, An-Teng. I have been thinking about them, as well, once I begun to move... I have been thinking of taking them under my wing, of helping their numbers grow. And of enlisting the help of some of them to my army, when they have taken their place back. I am in need of Terrestrials for it... and there are no better to fight the legions of the dead."

Imrama "Oh really? I believe that Cerin has taken a particular interest in their national concerns - we spoke about An-Teng some time ago. You may wish to consult him before you approach Xuan Ei."

Lucent "... Cerin? Really?" He blinks, taken aback. "What did he say?"

Imrama "Mainly that it was an area of interest to him. I don't believe that we finished the conversation, actually."

Lucent "... hmmmm. I... hope I will not be intruding in his interests." Lucent brought a hand to his chin, thoughtful. The mention of Cerin appeared to unnerve him quite a bit. He looked away from Imrama, catching the tiny crew on Admiral Longwhisker's ship. "... that... reminds me. I need to apologize to you, Imrama, I was wrong about one thing. I am sorry."

Imrama furrows his brow. "What is this that you are sorry for, Lucent my friend?"

Lucent "Well... Cerin. I had never noticed it because it is... well, different. From the way I am. The way I see friendships, interactions... he is just so different. We can never quite get along, even though so many others let me in. But I have thought about you and him, read the books, and noticed that..."

Lucent "... that you and him seem to have an understanding. He seems more comfortable with you than with most, and same with you towards him. So I was wrong... although an unorthodox one, you have forged a great friendship there. One I have no idea how to even begin."

Imrama smiles. "That is an odd thing to apologize for, Lucent. Odd and unnecessary. Nonetheless, I accept it in the spirit intended. I think a discussion about An-Teng may be in order, however; I, too, am very interested in the fortunes of our new ally. Let's see if Cerin is about the Manse." Imrama turns his face to nothing in particular and says, at the same volume, "Cerin, would you care to join...

Imrama ...Lucent and myself?"

Lucent smiles. "Thank you by your acceptance, my friend." ::Cerin, can you come to Imrama's room for a moment?::

Cerin ::Certainly, Lucent, I shall be there in a short while.:: And true to his word, he is. "Greetings Imrama, Lucent," he says softly as he walks in.

Lucent waves from his seat, a little Maiden of Secrets nodding from his shoulder. "Hello, Cerin."

Cerin "Imrama, you are looking better," he says, as he takes a seat.

Imrama "Thank you, Cerin. I am feeling so. Lucent and I were just discussing our interests in An-Teng, and I recalled that you had brought this subject up with me some time ago."

Cerin "Ah, An-Teng," he nods. "I have been meaning to discuss that with you, since I returned."

Lucent "I had no idea you HAD interests there..." Lucent says in an awkward tone. "I have a project for the Golden Ones, and I hope my plans do not conflict with yours'."

Cerin "I have been curious about many of the new members of the Deliberative, and given especially the nature of the delegate from An-Teng, I decided to look closer."

Lucent "A Golden One, yes. The first you had ever seen in this age?"

Cerin "Yes, although they were obviously a theoretical possibility, once the nature of the Dragonblooded became clear."

Lucent "I want them to bloom. And to do that, their... seed must travel. And they need to be protected." He nods solemnly. "I had been thinking of taking that family under my steward, and setting marriages between them and the Kashaen."

Cerin "There is something ... not entirely right about that family," Cerin says after a little thought. "Xuan Ei's responses were a little ... off, although I did not press."

Imrama "How so?"

Cerin "As part of the conversation I had with her, obviously her family came up and I naturally asked how they were adapting to their new role in the public eye. Every answer she gave me from that point suggested there was more to the situation than she would readily admit."

Lucent "Hmmm. I wonder what." Lucent joined both hands in front of his face. "It would not be in bad form if you investigated them. Me and Imrama could go there as well, covering for such investigations while trying to extract the truth from them."

Imrama "Indeed. I rather like Xuan Ei, but we cannot afford any lurking secrets within the Deliberative." Imrama thinks for a moment. "That is, we cannot afford any more lurking secrets than the ones we already know are there."

Lucent "Not only that; We can help. They are our children, in a way. We need them to bloom."

Cerin "I didn't really have the time to press deeper, I was only stopping to talk as I was travelling through."

Lucent "Traveling where?" Lucent risks

Cerin "To the rest of An-Teng. I have never been there and wished to see the country they had claimed."

Lucent "I do not believe I have ever been there, either. Hmmmm." He looks at Cerin, "Do I take it that my plans do not upset any ideas you might have?"

Cerin "My interest in An-Teng was a passing thing. Were it not for the curiousity of Xuan Ei's family, it would hardly be worth mentioning."

Lucent smiles in his signature room-illuminating fashion. "Great! So I believe I an start with that, as soon as we go. Which..." He turns to Imrama, frowning. "... will have to be as soon as you are up and about, my friend."

Imrama "Ah, well let us hope that that will be very soon, my friend."

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