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zahara looks at Spring for a moment, then flips a diamond arrowhead up into the air, catching it again distractedly. "So. Have you met Nesula yet?"

Spring "I have not. Who is she?"

zahara "She is... a Zenith. Young. When I found her, she was a priestess in the West."

Spring "Ah."

Spring "Who was she?"

zahara starts walking, towards Nesula's house. "Three guesses."

Spring "Yes. I suspected."

Spring follows.

Spring "How have you been getting on with her?"

zahara weighs the question as she meanders down the street. "Rather well, considering." she tosses the arrowhead a few more times idly. "She has been out gathering up more young Solars."

Spring "Ah."

Spring "How fortunate. I would have otherwise had to do the same,"

zahara knocks on her door!

Nesula calls out from somewhere deep inside. "Whaddaya want?"

Spring waits politely for Zahara to respond.

zahara grins to herself and yells back. "Candygram!"

Nesula swings the door open, dressed in a simple white kimono, her hair messily sprawled. "I don't want any," she says, grinning, "And tell whoever sent it that they need to go to the back of the line." She laughs at Zahara's entrance, then looks over at Spring. "Who's that guy?"

Spring "Greetings, Nesula. I am Long-Awaited Spring."

Nesula "Hi."

zahara "Ah, well, now you've met! Lovely." She tries to remember why she thought this was a good idea.

Spring "I am very glad to meet a fellow Chosen of the Sun." Spring makes a medium bow.

zahara tosses the arrowhead to Nesula, along with a small box of candy despite her protests otherwise. "Spring ah has been gathering young Starchosen, as you have been gathering young Solars." The emphasis on the first young is... odd.

Nesula raises an eyebrow. "Zahara, we agreed that you weren't going to try to set me up with anyone."

zahara raises her hands in protest, "Gods forbid!"

Spring "I have made it my mission to gather together all those who seek to defend Creation and render them what little aid I can. I am pleased to find a compatriot in these matters."

zahara "This is a professional visit." she makes a face at Nesula

Nesula sticks her tongue out.

Nesula "...oh, right," she says, remembering the guest. "Are you... having good luck in your, uh, endeavor?"

Spring "That depends on you, does it not?"

zahara blinks at Spring

Nesula "Errr."

Spring "If my visit to you affords me the opportunity to meet with you and your friends and discuss our joint interests, then I will have been very lucky indeed."

Nesula "Well... good." She smiles, while checking surreptitiously with her eyes to make sure Zahara isn't about to pull a "fast one" of some kind. "I'm glad I can make your day a little better." She pushes her hair over to the other side of her head, and makes a quizzical look. "Which are our joint interests, exactly?"

Spring "Survival and the protection of the universe are the ones that are immediately apparent."

Nesula "Ah, yes. I am in favor of both."

zahara shrugs, "Spring is a Twilight. Previously he was the General of the Sunlands, but he has recently been reborn."

Nesula blinks, as if remembering something suddenly. "Oh. You're Thirteen." She seems a little surprised.

Spring "I was, yes."

Spring "Do you...remember me?"

Nesula nods, and shakes her head quickly, as if to clear her mind. "Sorry. Not a very pleasant memory. Totally not your fault."

Spring "I am sorry about that. Rest assured it will not occur in the future."

Nesula "I should hope not." She looks at Spring curiously. "So now that we've talked about our interests, is there something more to your, uh, 'gathering'? Or am I gathered already?"

Spring "Do you believe that you are prepared for the challenges that we will face as part of the Solar Deliberative, Nesula?"

Nesula "As prepared as any of you," she says quickly, not missing a beat. "It's up to you how prepared you want to think that is."

Spring "Then I urge you to kill me immediately."

Nesula blinks in confusion. "That's a bit overdramatic, don't you think?"

Spring "I have never been one to shy away from excessiveness."

Nesula tilts her head at Spring with a bit of a "what the hell" expression. "You want me to kill you."

Spring "I want you to try." Spring's eye glints. Just a little.

Nesula looks over at Zahara with an incredulous look.

z shakes her head a little at Spring, then smirks at Nesula, giving her a nod. "Yes, do."

Nesula grins. "Aaaaaalright then." She pulls her fist back and it flares with a brilliant yellow halo... then she swings it, swiftly and powerfully, directly at Spring's midsection.

Spring steps back, reaching out to place the tips of his fingers within the halo of her blow, and attempts to circle around it as it approached.

Spring glances at Nesula as they stand cheek to cheek, the blow missing, He pulls back sharply on the halo, and she swings around, her hand reaching out to strike at him of its own volition.

Nesula wrinkles up her nose -- whether in irritation, or from Spring's sudden unusual scent, is unclear -- and she lets out a little battle cry as her fists fly forward to strike at him with renewed ferocity.

Spring locks his eyes into Nesula's, grinning, and is suddenly a blur, her fists darting into the space where his midsection was and finding only emptiness, then the clutch or light tap of a hand, pushing her into another attack she knows is poorly considered before it begins, until the whirlwind of motion ends up with Spring behind her, lightly holding her shoulder, looking none the worse for wear, and only at that moment does she r

Spring does she realize how tired she is.

z had been watching the fight through the eyes of Essence and tilts her head to one side, consideringly.

Nesula's eyelids begin to flutter slightly as she struggles to keep them open.

Spring me reaches out and flicks her ear.

z raises a brow. "Hmm. That is new."

Spring smiles at Zahara. "I hope you like it."

z "Nesula, are you alright?" She walks over to the girl and looks her over, then looks over her shoulder at Spring. "It should be rather useful to drain our enemies of Essence so that we can dispatch them more easily, yes. Though now that you have demonstrated it to both of us, I would prefer you not use it on allies."

Nesula shakes her head, trying to dispatch the sleepiness. "I haven't been that tired since...." she thinks for a moment. "Well, I guess since the last day of the Great Planting Festival three weeks ago," she finishes, a little embarrassed -- but also a little proud.

Spring "I assure you that I will not use it casually, Zahara, but occasionally I feel that it might be helpful to explicate the dangers the universe holds with a harmless but convincing demonstration."

Spring "I will discuss it with you if I feel prone to it again."

z "Of course, and it was quite convincing."

Nesula rubs her head. "Right."

z smiles at him, then turns back to Nesula. "Perhaps we should sit down. Is your table and chairs still whole?"

"Yes, yes," she says, a little irritated by the question. "I don't just... break things for no reason." She waves them over towards the seating in question.

z chuckles, and takes a seat, creating some Sunlit Ale for the three of them once she finds some mugs.

"Yessssssss." Nesula doesn't wait for Zahara to offer before grabbing one mug and shotgunning the contents.

Spring lifts the mug, opening his mouth, then stops, and takes a sip with a sheepish air.

z watches the ale disappear down Nesula's gullet, then Spring not eat the mug and ale all in one, and she starts to giggle.

Nesula laughs.

Spring "Ahem."

Nesula puts her mug down and looks at Spring. "Yes?"

Spring "As I was saying, Nesula, I am impressed by the level of skill you have developed in such a short time."

Spring "Your dedication and bravery are clear, and I commend you for them."

z "You must admit, Solars make the most interesting friends." She takes a long drink from her mug, and then refills Nesula's mug, considers for a moment, then adds a second full mug to the table in front of her.

Nesula nods, a little surprised at the compliment. "Thanks." She downs half of the first of her two new mugs, and looks at Spring again. "I appreciate that."

Spring "I, as well."

Spring "However, in my travels in the world, I have encountered many things that can pose a danger to even a hero as powerful as you."

z leans back in her chair, nursing her ale. The two people she used to fight with most - well, one is a reincarnation but still...

Spring "Some are subtle. Some claim to be your friends. Some look you in the eye and ask you to attack them." He grins slightly.

Nesula laughs again. "That's for sure."

Spring "Perhaps you might like to hear about them, sometime. Forewarned is forearmed." He takes another, larger sip.

Spring "The time may come when the Deliberative, and Creation, has need of you. In that moment, for all our sakes, you must be as prepared as you can be."

Nesula grows a little more serious. "I will be," she says, and downs the second, full glass of ale, leaving only the half-finished first glass in front of her.

z thinks back to the book that Spring had given her. "Indeed. We must share our knowledge with eachother freely. Learn from each other..."

Spring nods to Zahara, smiling a bit. "Indeed."

Spring "In fact, Zahara, if I am able to gather up a cadre of Solars interested and willing to learn from us -- " he does not quite glance at Nesula -- "I would very much like you to speak to them on at least one occasion."

Spring "I think, to begin with, you might instruct them on the dangers of the Fae. If you feel so compelled."

z smiles back at Spring, "I would be honored to." She inclines her head to him, then looks thoughtful "Ah, and... I suppose you will need a place of learning fit for subjects that may be... dangerous to outsiders?"

Spring "That would certainly be useful. I do have a tendency towards the overdramatic."

"I may have noticed that," Nesula says, and raises her remaining half glass high above the table. "Cheers."

z raises her mug and clinks it against Nesulas and Spring's if he raises his.

Spring engages in the group bonding thing.

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