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Cerin The Silver was on the banks of the river which flowed through Solaria. Or rather, its door was. The rest of the restaurant and tea rooms extended out over the river on wooden stilts, although practically all of it was lacquerred in shades of blue, tracings of the precious metal living up to its namesake. Cerin had asked Imrama to meet him there that afternoon, and when the Air Admiral arrived he was sitting there, sketching the

Cerin river as it drifted by. As Imrama approached, he put his sketch pad down though. "Greetings, Air Admiral," he says with a smile.

Imrama throws his hands open upwards in a friendly greeting. "Hearty falicitations to you as well, Huntsman. How does the day find you?" Imrama takes a seat across from Cerin.

Cerin "The day finds me very well, thank you. And yourself?" Cerin waves for tea to be brought.

Imrama "Very well indeed." Imrama rubs his hands together. "I am looking forward to sampling the fair here. It has been spoken of quite highly by some of the regulars at Burning Feather's Arms." Imrama looks at Cerin just a little bit slyly.

Imrama "But I suspect you did not invite me hear only so that we could share a meal.

Cerin "Ah, I am glad to hear my own source has apparently not mislead me," he nods. "Though it was not just to share a meal with you that I invited you here, no."

Cerin "I would like to talk to you about the Faith Ecliptic."

Imrama "An engrossing and deeply important subject, to be sure." Imrama lights his pipe, and begins fuming a thin, bright yellow smoke with a lemony smell. "Do you wish to discuss it generally, or do you have specific concerns?"

Cerin "More generally to start. I must confess that until recently it was a rather more abstract concern of mine, dealing as it did in matters that did not, in the broadest sense of the word, concern me. That has recently changed."

Imrama nods "A point for which I believe I am yet to officially congratulate you, Most Glorious Archon. Kudos. The Faith is growing in influence and adherents - the rise of the Deliberative is seeing to that. But it remains in infancy."

Cerin inclines his head to accept the congratulations. "The tenants as I understand them seem to be sensible, dealing as they do in many of the fundamentals of existence on Creation."

Imrama "When the Faith was first concieved, it was suggested that it must set itself apart from other religions by its basis in truth. I attempted to take this premise to heart when I suggested a handful of tenants. I in no way meant for it to be exhaustive."

Cerin "It is a novel idea, yes," he nods. "They make a good start at least. I shall have to consider them in more detail, and perhaps suggest alterations or additions."

Imrama "That would be most excellent." Imrama looks up and about, wondering where the tea is.

Cerin The tea is infact just being brought over. The tea pot is especially complex, apparently intended to blend several different teas together in situ. It is set out on the table, and two steaming, aromatic cups are poured.

Imrama makes a sign of thanks to the server, raises his cup in honor to Cerin, and drinks. "Ah. At the moment, I see the current phase of the Faith Ecliptic as being the clarification and systematization of ritual and practice."

Cerin raises his own cup, and drinks. "That is something that I wished to talk to you about. When you speak of 'In proportion to their office and the righteous exercise thereof' who is it that you envisaged deciding this?"

Imrama "That is a very good question, and one that I do not have an easy answer for. Some sort of divine court system needs to be restored, but it would have to function far, far more eficiently than in ages past in order to serve this purpose. I had also toyed with the idea of some sort of artificial prayer monitoring system"

Imrama "That is, that it would be most ideal if we could create some objective system of Essence mechanics to determine the righteous performance of each deity. All members of the Faith would then address their prayers generally, and the Essence therefrom would be distributed automatically."

Cerin "That is a fascinating idea," he says, eyes sparkling. "And one that definitely has potential."

Imrama "I am very glad to hear that, Cerin. I am given, by nature to flights of fancy and liberal imaginings, but I do not have the grasp of Essence-science shared by so many in our Circle. So I often do not know wether my thoughts will be found insightful, or foolish."

Cerin "Well, I am not sure about the practicalities of it. The precise nature of prayer is not something I have studied, but I cannot immediately think of a reason why it would be impossible."

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