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Spring ::Lucent? I wish to speak with you as soon as is convenient. Please attend me in the dojo.::

Lucent appears on the dojo after a little while, Testament shining red and gold under the sunlight, the cape of stars like a slice of night behind him. "Good afternoon, Long-Awaited Spring. I hope I did not leave you waiting for long."

Spring is waiting calmly but with a certain tightness to his lips. At his side is an unexpected figure -- Obsidian.

Spring "Greetings, Lucent Copper Haze. Do you recognize my friend?"

Lucent "Of course. Hello, Obsidian, it has been a while." He nods.

Spring "Do you remember when Thirteen met Obsidian, and what he did?"

Lucent "I... do not, unfortunately. Those were terrible times."

Spring "He struck him. He damaged his armor, caused some moderate injury. And you berated him. You threatened him, accused him of hubris. You told him that he needed to have more awareness, more compassion for the mortals around him."

Spring "That they deserved respect and care."

Spring "They are our responsibility."

Lucent "I remember now. I had forgotten the reason, but I remembered that fight. I remember you had acted terribly towards my charges... and that he," Lucent ammends, trying(and failing!) to see Spring as a different person. "redeemed himself when he saved them, including Obsidian, from the grasp of that Hekatonkire."

Spring "Your charges. Yes."

Spring "Have you been seeing any mortal women lately, Lucent?"

Lucent nods, and as he does it in a humble way, asking for Obsidian's forgiveness in a way that could not be denied. "I am sorry, my friend, if it seems like a disservice to you that I did not immediatly recall, but I was trying to put those early days out of my mind... and I was not quite myself, hidden under the boy's mask."

Lucent He finishes it with a gesture, turning to Spring, "Certainly. Many."

Spring "Perhaps you feel perfectly justified in doing so."

Lucent "I am giving them what they want, and leaving them happy." He dismisses Obsidian with a gesture.

Spring "They want what you tell them to want."

Spring "Is this responsibility?"

Spring "I would prefer Obsidian stay. Or is this something you would prefer not to discuss before mortal ears?"

Spring "Surely the conduct of the Patriarch of the Kashaen must be acceptable to his lieutenant."

Lucent waits until Obsidian leaves, before continuing. "They dreamt of me before. If you have eyes to see now, you would know that, without mincing words, I am one of the most beautiful individuals in the Sunlands. I did not create their dreams. I merely fulfilled them."

Spring "Your beauty, like my brilliance, came with a responsibility."

Spring "Is this the discipline you have learned in practicing martial arts?"

Lucent "Giving them bliss, making them happy, is not responsible to you, Spring?"

Lucent "Pehaps you should come with me to taste some of those flowers, it will change your mind."

Spring "Is the Touch of Blissful Release a healthy manner in which to deal with pain?"

Spring "You are using them, Lucent. I am disappointed in you."

Lucent "Like they wish to use me. It is mutual."

Spring "Situations of unbalanced power are never mutual."

Spring "Any of these mortal women would be happy to spend their lives with you. Can you say the same for them?"

Lucent "They do not want that. They do not want to grow old while I remain young. Trust me."

Spring "You could prevent them from growing old, if you wanted to."

Spring "You do not want to. You are not interested."

Lucent "I could never prevent ALL of them."

Spring "You are a Solar. You can do as you wish."

Spring "That is precisely the point."

Lucent "We are all still human, Spring. Our desires do not change when we are Chosen. I am like them, in many ways. We are helping each other. What is your point, that I should become celibate or sleep only with other Exalts? If we begin a proccess of elimination, we would end up deciding only other Celestial Exalts are fair game, and you know how few of those are?"

Spring "My point, Lucent, is that you should want them for who they are, not for who they look like or what they represent to you, and not because you are frustrated."

Spring "What are their names?"

Lucent looks at Spring, his face going cross. "That is NOT IMPORTANT."

Spring "The fact that you believe that perfectly illustrates the depths of my concern."

Lucent "I can remember the names of some of them. I just do not need to TELL you."

Spring "I am sorry, Lucent. I do not mean to hurt you. But we must try to rise above our failings."

Lucent "Well, then, oh most stoic Spring, what is your wise and mighty advice?"

Spring "How do you feel, Lucent?"

Lucent narrows his eyes "Why is THAT important?"

Spring "It is, in fact, the crux of the matter."

Lucent stares at Spring for a long time before answer. "... horrible, if you must know."

Lucent "I had... some problems, recently. On the South, and upon returning from it."

Lucent "And no, I would prefer to not speak about them."

Spring "If such is your wish, I will not press you."

Spring "If you change your mind, though, I would be glad to discuss your feelings with you."

Lucent "I will keep that in mind. Is there anything else?"

Spring sighs. "I suppose not."

Lucent nods. "I will try to think about them. Do not worry." He spins around, walking away.

Spring "Thank you for the assurance, but I suspect I shall worry nonetheless."

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