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Lucent One last flushed maid leaves the room(after leaving it exactly the way it was when they walked in, of course!), and Lucent, alone, plays a sorrowful melodie in an ivory flute, waiting for the Sisters of the Empty Sand to come.

They keep him waiting -- that's how they roll.

SistersOfEmptySand After a long, long wait, however, the Sisters of Empty Sand sneak impishly into Lucent's prepared chamber, ready for another round of questions.

Lucent "I imagine you are happy." He asks after blowing in the last note, letting the flute down on the table, "That it calls to you, even so far. Joy. Revenge. Heartbreak. I imagine it is such a sweet thing for you." The sorrowful melody hung in the air, as did the scent of all women used to try and make him forget... unssucessfully.

SistersOfEmptySand "We are satisfied," says the first sister, devilishly. "We do not regret our decision to come here."

Lucent smiles, faint. "Good." There are ten marbles over the table, which he begins to play with, light striking it from his anima. "So, tell me about the man who fell from the castle, the one broken by the sea... tell me of him. Was it a Ruby Castle he sat upon?" He took one of the marbles and threw, across the room, perfectly into his desk. Nine.

SistersOfEmptySand "It was not," says the third sister.

Lucent "Who was he, then?" Another marble strikes the desk. Eight.

SistersOfEmptySand "A Prince," says the first sister. "Strong of arm, fleet of foot, beautiful of face, and kind of word."

Lucent "And what was his name?" One marble's thrown up, caught in the air, sent away. Seven last.

SistersOfEmptySand "Small Blessing," says the second sister.

Lucent "And what are YOUR names?" He pulled the marble, it disappeared on his sleeve. Six.

SistersOfEmptySand "Our names are the coverings of our gentleness, the gift of our promise, and that which makes us separate even as sisters we are together," says the third sister.

Lucent notes how each of the three are dressed. Coverings of gentleness?

SistersOfEmptySand The sisters are dressed in identical greenish-yellow gauzy dresses.

Lucent leans back, playing with one of six remaining marbles. "And what is your promise?"

Lucent Five. He held the last five marbles and they shone as Solar Caste Marks.

SistersOfEmptySand "To stand by our prince until he should perish from this world," says the first sister, "and then, to wait patiently for him, until either he should rise up again from the ocean, or all Creation be worn down to join him beneath it."

Lucent "And how did the Wyld gift you, when you made that promise?" Eclipse is gone.

SistersOfEmptySand "We gave of ourselves to our Prince," she says, "that as long as he held our gifts, we might know of what went on around him."

Lucent "And what do you see, around him?" There goes Night.

SistersOfEmptySand "The cold crush of the ocean waves, the rubble of that which once he called home, and the stone forms of his parents, the king and queen," says the third sister.

Lucent looks at them, and smiles. He points at the first. "Ocean." at the middle. "Earth." and then, at the last. "Mother. Royalty."

SistersOfEmptySand The girls grin, but not the grin of having been bested. "You have three questions left," they say, unusually, in unison.

Lucent "And what, then, were the gifts you handed to him?" He looked at the last three marbles. Twilight. Dawn. Zenith. Which to discard?

SistersOfEmptySand As if in answer, the first sister reaches up to her head, pulls out a single one of her long, beautiful golden locks, and hands it to Lucent.

Lucent picks it and looks.

Lucent looks at it. And more. And more. And then, he begins to laugh. And laugh. "Blonde."

Lucent "BLONDE!" He points!

SistersOfEmptySand "Do you... have a question for us, then?" the second sister asks, with a different, guilty-pleasure grin. "You have two left."

Lucent "Are your names." He gets up, still laughing. "Readhead," He throws the Twilight marble in her hair, where it fixed like an adornment, "Brunette," and throws the Dawn orb in her hair, where it fixed the same way, "and Blonde?"

SistersOfEmptySand "Close enough," she says, and smiles in delight.

Lucent gets up and walks to them, caressing Blonde's hair and placing the Zenith marble there.

Lucent "Last one." He whispers in her ear, behind her "Will you accept my gift to you?"

SistersOfEmptySand She titters uncontrollably at the question. Finally, she looks at Lucent with a big grin and says: "....I will."

Lucent turns her around, planting a kiss on her lips. "As you would. The reasons for your existence."

Lucent "Joy."

Lucent "Heartbreak."

Lucent "And revenge."

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