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Cerin As he approaches the residence Swift Falcon had been provided with, Cerin decides to make things difficult, though not impossible, for him. He is therefore only approaching with his own natural abilities at stealth, bolstered by his anima rather than employing the plethora of charms he can call on in more pressing need. He soon attains entry to the house, after having first ascertained that the man he wishes to visit is both in and not

Cerin busy. Creeping into the room he is occupying takes a little more time and then it is time to speak. "Hello, Swift Falcon." It is Cerin's sincerest hope that the words do not surprise him.

SwiftFalcon Swift Falcon is waiting for Cerin by the time that he arrives, though the fact that he is dressed in a towel and armed with a kitchen knife suggests that his readiness was not prepared too far in advance.

SwiftFalcon #^#%@%!#%@#^

SwiftFalcon Swift Falcon is waiting for Cerin by the time that he arrives, though the fact that his armor remains steadfastly in the closet, and he is armed only with a kitchen knife, suggests that his readiness was not prepared too far in advance.

Cerin smiles. "Would now be a good time to talk?"

SwiftFalcon Swift Falcon seats himself on the side of his bed, the mix of relief (that his life is not in fact in danger) and disappointment (that this was not, in fact, his first assassination attempt) visible on his face. "Please, sit."

Cerin "Thank you," he takes a seat in the chair in the corner. "How are you finding life in Solaria?"

SwiftFalcon "Less exciting than I had hoped, so far," he says. "But with more opportunities for learning than I had expected."

Cerin "Oh?" he raises an eyebrow, hoping for some elaboration on the learning oppertunities presented thus far.

SwiftFalcon "My life in Ezelakis was... not one in which I was often exposed to anything unusual. The Sunlands have been much calmer than I expected, but even what I can see out my window on the streets of Solaria is a far cry from what I knew at home."

Cerin "And whilst you have ventured further afield from your room?"

SwiftFalcon "There is much to see," he says, and grins slightly.

Cerin smiles a little. "And of that, which interested you the most?" Cerin cultivates an air of 'I know what you've done, but would like to hear your thoughts on the matter'

SwiftFalcon "There is much that goes on within Solaria that is... illegitimate," he says. "Why is it allowed to continue?"

Cerin "Because it would hurt more to stop it," he says simply. "And because there are presently better uses for the talents of those who could stop it without the hurt."

SwiftFalcon "And it is these better uses in which I am most interested," he says, turning the matter back around again. "I have made for my own entertainment since my arrival, but I did not journey here to halt pickpockets or steal undergarments from maidens fair."

Cerin "I am glad to hear both than you have not been bored, and that you yearn to do more. Both these are admirable qualities in a Hidden Sun."

SwiftFalcon grins.

Cerin "What, then, of what you have been able to discover of what I and the Shadows Resplendant do, would most interest you as a way to employ your talents?"

SwiftFalcon "I expect that there is a great deal of strategic information held by our neighbors -- and those of our allies -- that we do not have, but... could."

Cerin "And how would you propose to gather such information?"

SwiftFalcon "In the few years since our return, most nations have not sufficiently protected themselves from the use of Solar techniques," he says. "I know this, for one thing, because of how easily I was able to steal a record from the Ezelakis capital."

SwiftFalcon "With brief incursions, made through untraceable forms of transport, I could make test incursions into the secured areas of specific cities, stealing nothing of import." He continues, however.

SwiftFalcon "My incursions alone would allow us to document the security measures in place which I detect and bypass, but should I be located and the Sunlands diplomatically contacted about it, my incursion serves a second purpose:"

SwiftFalcon "My actions can be justified as those of a young, foolish Solar, gifted to the Sunlands as a spoiled diplomat, who has taken action of his own accord and can be disciplined accordingly; meanwhile, your demand for proof of my actions can reveal to us the remaining, undetected security measures still in place."

SwiftFalcon "With profiles of this kind assembled, each member of the Resplendent Shadows can be assigned directly to a task of infiltration most closely matching their own abilities, thereby maximizing the efficiency of your spy network."

Cerin "An interesting plan and one which definitely has potential," he says with an approving smile. "I assume you have your first target already selected?"

SwiftFalcon grins again. "I thought I would start with Varang."

Cerin considers.

Cerin A good choice. Not too easy, like one of the mortal run states on the current border, but not too hard, such as Thorns or Arcadia. "Yes, a fine choice. Were you to choose to engage in this reckless and unapproved of action."

SwiftFalcon nods.

SwiftFalcon "Entirely reckless, irresponsible, and disrespectful to my lovely hosts."

Cerin nods. "You do realise there is every posibility it will be Zahara who has to apologise if you get caught, yes?"

SwiftFalcon swallows. "...I do."

Cerin "I would therefore advise not getting caught." Cerin speaks in a very mild tone.

SwiftFalcon nods again.

Cerin "Are there any other things you would like to mention to me?"

SwiftFalcon "I don't... think... so."

Cerin "Very well then," he nods. "I will let you get on with your planning for Varang then."

Cerin "It is a long way for a diplomat to travel, after all."

SwiftFalcon laughs as Cerin excuses himself.

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