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Lucent Varanim had told Lucent to meet her later in her room , after the dinner with Zahara... and so he did, knocking on her door almost like playing an instrument, making music out of it. "I hope you are not busy, you TOLD me to come here..."

Varanim is bent over and staring intently at what seems to be a clear space on her desk, poking the air with unwrapped soulsteel fingers and a thoughtful scowl. She looks up at his knock, blinking and then re-scowling.

Varanim "You. Shut the door."

Lucent locks it behind him. "Not very cheerful today? Oh, wait, that is every day."

Varanim "Yes, Varanim the Hugbringer is from the next village over, you just missed her." She leans back in her chair a bit to glare at him. "That new armor of yours, please tell me it has some purpose beyond prodding me in public. Lie, if necessary."

Lucent "Shatter the obstacles in our path, move things such as the Herald out of the water where those like you can look into them, aid in taking the last grain of sand out of the objects we salvaged from my friend's graveyard? Its purpose is infinite." He holds up his cape, as if he was touching the infinite night, stars brushing under his fingers. "As it can hold the Essence of Gods."

Varanim "Those sound great. Why not stick with that? Don't tax yourself." Her expression is somewhere between exasperation and speculation, as if trying to figure out exactly what she is going to do with him.

Lucent "I know what you are going to ask." He walks closer to her, and she can feel his self washing over her, although no direct touching. He is just... there. The touch comes from his actual fingers, the real ones, to her lips. "Do not. Please."

Varanim Varanim looks startled for a moment, then her lips turn up in a mild smirk under Lucent's fingers. "You knowing what I'M going to say, that'd be a new one."

Lucent lets his smile fill her eyes. "You are saying you were not going to tell me to never touch you with the presence of my armor again? To keep my presence away from you when we are together with others?" He stops, his eyes closing. "Do you know what I am going to say, then?"

Varanim "I was going to tell you that using your ancient evil artifact to play footsie is immature enough to rate by MY standards, and then I suspect you'll smile big and talk about feeling the primordial joy of Creation bursting up in your soul or something. I see I got the smile right, already."

Lucent almost laughs, as his smile widens, contrite. "And I am going to ask you not to." He holds her hand, lifting it to his chest. "Because that would be too cruel."

Varanim "Too cruel to tell you to keep it in your telekinetic pants?" She flicks a finger with a ping against the copper of the breastplate, raising skeptical eyebrows at him and then shaking her head with a sigh. "You're absurd."

Lucent "Cruel to tell me to keep it to those places, to here and now, to once every infinity of days we meet, while I ache for you, while I am kept to dreams, seeing you every day, so far away." Eyes closed, voice low. "With this, it is like I am close to you, even in front of them all, that I have no need to hide it."

Varanim "Oh, hell." With his eyes closed, Lucent doesn't see whatever expression crosses Varanim's face, but this time it's her fingers on his lips for silence. "Shut up and take that armor off."

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