The Nobility

Chancels And Imperators


The Mythic World?

From The Tree?

River of Souls

Heaven, represented by the Seraph Meresjure, the Duke of Justice, is planning a great river of souls, to redress a great loss caused by the Excrucians. While this is a good and noble cause, it has been decided that this river is going to run right through Locus Ythom.

Loci Celati

  • Locus Ythom, connected to Earth.
  • Locus Amera, connected to the Acmonion Wood.

Familia Ythom

  • Ythom, an Aaron's Serpent
  • Crisanto, dar Migliore, Duke of Spring
  • Doran, Duke of Cages
  • John Mimacra, Marquis of Revelation
  • Blades
  • Hope
  • Rhythm

Familia Amera

  • Amera, a Wildlord.
  • Baronet of Burrowing
  • Marquis of Diplomacy
  • Lady Love
  • Lord Quiet

Familia Ptah

  • Radiant Jones, Baroness of the Dawn
  • Imhotep, Duke of Architecture
  • Names
  • Boats


  • Meresjure, Duke of Justice, a Seraph[1]
  • Duke of Murder, a Noble of Ananda himself
  • Meon, Desecration's Regal, a Noble of Lord Entropy

Session Summaries

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