Shadowy Plans & Their Architects

a place to store some of the stuff going on in the game

PC's Active Agenda Stuff

  • Raiton performed a Ambition 20, Finesse 3 Terrestrial Working to seal all the Demons of Chiaroscuro into the Undercity, and keep them there.
  • The PC's began an expedition exploring the city of Tharizon, managed to claim some of its Treasures, and then let the Realm take over management for the time-being.
    • Mata's Exaltation attracted a Wyld Hunt, which didn't know about the rest of the Solars-- RESOLUTION PENDING!

People The Circle Knows

  • Yejouj Khan, the Tri-Khan -- Ancestral Warleader of the Delzahn, Ruler of Chiaroscuro
    • Dwells in a near-pristine glass tower in the Old City, with extensive grounds, not far from the Great Market?.
    • Plays his Imperial Overseers against one another, thereby maintaining his independence...
      • Both House Tepet and House Cynis currently claim Chiaroscuro as "theirs,"--
      • Working with the Guild to further reduce the Imperial Presence in Chiaroscuro.
  • Saiam Tokrane, Guild Factor -- Richest Man in the South, First Amongst Equals
    • One of three important Factor's in Chiaroscuro, the Tokrane wield the greatest influence and power.
      • Working with the Tri-Khan to help give the Delzahn more autonomy in exchange for certain considerations.
      • Would very much like to see one of his rivals, Taran Kalaini, fall from power...
    • Married to a native Delzahn girl, and has lived here long enough that he considers it home, without being part of the culture.
      • Possessed of seven daughters and no sons; vaguely disappointed with most of his kin,-- they lack the /fire/,--
      • Works very closely with his younger Brother, Rin, who is probably his closest personal contact.
    • Patron of the Arts; Saiam is passionate about art and beauty.