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Filonah, the Jeweled Avenging Outcast PLAYER CASTE (SUPERNAL) Joel! Dawn (Athletics)
ATTRIBUTES--- PHYSICAL SOCIAL MENTAL Strength 5 Charisma 3 Perception 3 Dexterity 4 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 3 Stamina 4 Appearance 2 Wits 3
Abilities--- WAR LIFE WISDOM Archery Craft Bureaucracy >Athletics< ***** /Larceny/ *** /Investigation/ ** /Awareness/ *** Linguistics * /Lore/ ** /Brawl/ **** Performance Occult /Dodge/ *** Presence Medicine Integrity Ride Melee Sail * /Resistance/ **** Socialize Thrown /Stealth/ *** War /Survival/ ****


Athletics: Endurance
Resistance: Resist Torture
Larceny: Disguise
Stealth: Crowds

Lore: (focus) Chieftan's Daughter [Southwest]; (no specialties)
Languages: Seatongue (native); Flametongue

Tempers & Combat Stats

Essence: 2 (16/36+4 motes); Willpower: 8; -- Limit: 0
Health Levels: -0/-1x10/-3/Incap
Soak: 8 (Unusual Hide +4), Hrd: 0; Defense: Parry 4 (Evasion 4)

Jeweled Fists14B/3 (+10)14 (+5)Parry 4 (+0)Bashing, Brawl, Grappling,
Smashing, Worn

Join Battle: 6d; -- Disengage: 7d; Rush: 9d
Resolve: 2; Guile: 1; -- Reading: 3d; -- Appearance: 2


  • Defining Intimacies (Resolve +4/-3; )
    • Tie: Redemption (I still have Hope.)
  • Major Intimacies (Resolve +3/-2; )
    • Principle: I am a Monster.
    • Principle: No one should be a slave.
    • Tie: Saffron Song (Trust/Awe)
    • Tie: The Master (I have Nightmares...)
    • Tie: Head-Genies (Curiosity)
    • Tie: Slavers (Anger)
  • Minor Intimacies (Resolve +2/-1; )
    • Principle: I will make my own way.
    • Principle: I will protect the Weak.
    • Principle: Everything is going to be alright.
    • Tie: The Misty Isles (Sorrow)

Limit Trigger: Seeing subjugation or powerlessness and refusing to stop it.

Charm Table
Charm NamePage #TypeCost (duration)Keywords
Athletics Charms    
Graceful Crane Stancepg. 261Reflexive3m (One scene) 
Monkey Leap Techniquepg. 261Supplemental2m (instant) 
Increasing Strength Exercisepg. 262Simple3m or 3i per dot (One scene) 
Lightning Speedpg. 262Supplemental3m (instant) 
Thunderbolt Attack Pranapg. 262Supplemental4m,1wp (instant)Decisive-only
Racing Hare Methodpg. 264Reflexive5m,1wp (One hour) 
Thunder's Mightpg. 265Reflexive5m 
Power Suffusing Form Techniquepg. 266Supplemental4m 
Legion Aurochs Methodpg. 266Permanent  
Aegis of Unstoppable Forcepg. 266Permanent  
Nine Aeons Thewpg. 266Supplemental1m,1wp 
Awareness Charms    
Sensory Acuity Pranapg. 267Reflexive5m (One scene) 
Brawl Charms    
Fists of Iron Techniquepg. 273Reflexive1m (instant)Dual
Ferocious Jabpg. 274Supplemental1m (instant) 
Dodge Charms    
Drifting Leaf Elusionpg. 300Reflexive1m (instant) 
Larceny Charms    
Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguisepg. 317Simple6m (Until sleep) 
Resistance Charms    
Ox-Body Technique x2pg. 375Permanent-- (n/a)Stackable
Stealth Charms    
Easily Overlooked Presence Methodpg. 403Simple3m (One scene) 
Survival Charms    
Food Gathering Exercisepg. 409Simple3m (One hour) 
Hardship Surviving Mendicant Spiritpg. 409Reflexive5m (One day) 


  • free Unusual Hide .
  • 6bp for + Willpower
  • 4bp for + Strength
  • 2bp for + Athletics
  • 1bp for + Brawl
  • 1bp for + Resistance
  • 1bp for + Survival
  • 8xp for + Ox-Body Technique
  • 2xp, 2sxp for + Lore
  • 8sxp for + Strength
  • 8xp for Thunder's Might
  • 8xp for Power Suffusing Form Technique
  • 8xp for Legion Aurochs Method
  • 8xp for Aegis of Unstoppable Force
  • 8xp for Nine Aeons Thew


  • Solar (Dawn) Experience spent: 10sxp
  • Experience spent: 50xp

The Jeweled Raiment

(Brass-locked Flame and Orichalcum alloy Smashfists, Artifact )

Filonah is a human who has been gradually rebuilt as a living artifact. Through a series of sadistic surgeries and transplants, large portions of her have been replaced with organs and flesh of an ancient crystalline folk, and then animated and sustained with a network of minuscule clockwork structures.

As if that weren't enough, two additional circumstances have occurred soon after Filonah's "reinvention". First, Filonah was Chosen by Sol, and this rainbow raiment was flooded with her Dawn essences. Secondly, Filonah was usurped by a cabal of the Locked Away, ancient spirits of infinite being, again flooding the rainbow raiment with those Unknowable essences.

At this point, with the coruscating pools of energy within it, the Jeweled Raiment is nebulous and still forming - in its potent infancy, and very little substance has come to settle within it.