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  • Defining Intimacies (Resolve +4/-3; )
    • Principle: I hold Sacred the memory of my Father, and all the Khan's before me, back to Tamas Khan.
    • Tie: Mask of Alabaster (Icy, Focused Hatred)
    • Tie: My Mother (Fiercely Protective but Distant)
  • Major Intimacies (Resolve +3/-2; )
    • Tie, Major: Yejouj Khan (Respectful Obedience)
    • Tie: Sea of Swaying Grass (Where I Belong)
    • Tie: My Horse, Khara (Surprising Tenderness)
  • Minor Intimacies (Resolve +2/-1; )
    • Principle: Our City-Dwelling Kin are cunning and wily, but no longer free.
    • Principle: In the Far South, Water is more precious than Silver.
    • Tie: My Sisters + Kar'theil (Doting Affection)
    • Tie: Chiaroscuro (Jewel of the Delzahn People)

Limit Trigger: The Solar is hindered or defeated by the self-indulgent and duplicitous behavior of those around him.


  • Allies (Tri-Khan)
  • Artifact
  • Boundless Endurance
  • Command (Blood Riders)
  • Hearthstone
  • Influence (Khan)
  • Retainers (My Second)
  • Resources

Merits, expanded

Allies (Tri-Khan)

Yejouj Khan, Tri-Khan of the Delzahn People, is more than just a distant relative: he is your leader, as he is the leader of all Delzahn, and for now at least you respect this authority. He works tirelessly to keep the Delzahn people safe, to protect them from their many enemies and maintain the Peoples hold over the Shattered City from those who would take it from them. It would perhaps be safe to say that you chafe under his direction, however, as do the warriors that serve under you.

Boundless Endurance

You reduce the difficulty of all rolls to resist fatigue or remain awake by 2.

Command (Blood Riders)

At your whim, you could command a mighty force-- a Horde that the South has not seen in hundreds of years,-- but even in times of peace... Your Blood-Riders are with you!
Size 3, Might 0 with Elite Drill, based on the stats for elite troops.


Given to you by one of the Goddesses of the Sea of Swaying Grass,-- a Treasure that has served your clan well, the Fountain-Summoning Stone, which when buried under the ground for (a period dependent on the local enviroment) causes a fresh spring of cool clean water to issue forth from the ground until the sun both rises and sets once again.

Influence (Khan)

One of the Three Khan's of the Delzahn Horde, united under the Tri-Khan, Talas Khan is a figure of regional note. Moreover, he's a popular Khan, just one step down from the Tri-Khan himself... and, very likely, the kind of personality that would be able to rouse the Delzahn to War regardless of their ultimate leaders wishes.. though, to date, Talas is loyal to the Threefold Khan.

Retainers (My Father's Closest Friend)

Your Second and Captain of the Blood Riders, one of your Fathers' closest friends and a trusted advisor to your own Khanate, (Kar'theil's Father).


Talas Khan is wealthy in the way that the Khan's of the Delzahn Horde-- he has plentiful herds, no few personal treasures, and can afford to be generous with his wealth. This gives Talas decent high-quality equipment, is enough to support a large family that he to date does not actually have (though he probably supports his aging mother and some sisters), and otherwise supports the showy life of a Khan. It is not very liquid, however, but instead tied up in large herds and the aforementioned gear.

See also: Sirocco?, Talas Khan's famed White Jade Reaver Daiklave, which holds dominion over the Gods' of the Far South.
See also: ShatteredMask?, a cursed and feared artifact, tied to one of the Ishvara, which plays into the myths of the Delzahn people.