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Charm Table
Charm NamePage #TypeCost (duration)Keywords
Athletics Charms    
Graceful Crane Stancepg. 261Reflexive3m (One scene) 
Monkey Leap Techniquepg. 261Supplemental2m (Instant) 
Melee Charms    
Excellent Strikepg. 346Supplemental3m (instant)Uniform
One Weapon, Two Blowspg. 346Reflexive3m (instant) 
Dipping Swallow Defensepg. 346Reflexive2m (instant) 
Resistance Charms    
Durability of Oak Meditationpg. 374Reflexive3m (One tick)Dual
Spirit Strengthens the Skinpg. 374Reflexive1m/dmg (Instant)Withering-only
Iron Skin Concentrationpg. 374Reflexive2or6m (instant/indef.)Dual
Diamond-Body Pranapg. 376Simple5m (One scene)Dual
Ox-Body Technique (x2)pg. 375Permanent-- (n/a)Stackable
Ride Charms    
Master Horseman's Techniquepg. 380Permament-- (n/a) 
Flashing Thunderbolt Steedpg. 380Reflexive4m (One hour) 
War Charms    
War God Descendentpg. 419Supplemental3m (instant) 
Rout Stemming Gesturepg. 421Reflexive3m (instant) 

Charm Details

Resistance Charms

Ox-Body Technique (page 375) ^
Every purchase of this charm, which can be bought (Resistance) times, grants (at Stamina 3:) one -1 and two -2 health levels.

Ride Charms

Master Horseman's Techniques (page 380) ^
This charm provides the Solar with the following Techniques:

  • Harmony of Spirits Style, spend 1m to reflexively stop herself from falling off a mount (even when asleep, unconscious, etc.); +1 Defense against dismounting attacks.
  • Horse Summoning Whistle, spend 1m to reflexively call a loyal mount to your side! The mount makes its way to her as circumstances allow.
  • Master Horseman's Eye', spend 1m to reflexively evaluate a mount for its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Speed-Sustaining Technique, spend 1m reflexively sustain a mount for two hours. Effort during that time does not cause the horse fatigue, and it will not suffer harmful random incidents.
  • Spirit-Steadying Assurances, spend 1m to reflexively stop a mount from panicking, shaking off all natural or supernatural fear. Lasts (Essence) rounds or one scene.
  • Blood Rider's Toughness makes the Solar immune to chafing and developing sores from long rides; both the Lawgiver and her mount may ride twice as long without food, water, or rest.