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Nearby Cultures & Peoples

  • Varangia, nearest neighbor to Chiaroscuro, which has historically impinged on the lands claimed by the Horde.
    • The closest Varangian City to the Glass City, Talt, is only a weeks' travel by Caravan and lies along an important trade route.
    • The last war between the Varang and the Delzahn was only 40 years ago, still within living memory of many in the City,--
  • The Tafi Ranchers, a insular culture of herders/ranchers who dwell in gently rolling hills to the west of Chiaroscuro.
    • Long-term Allies and Trading Partners of the Nomadic Delzahn, the Tafi are informally considered close cousins of the Delzahn.
    • While largely peaceful, the Tafi have riden to war at the side of the Horde before, and have an extensive martial tradition.
  • the "Slave City" of Kafis, a rowdy Guild-dominated Port ruled by a Council of Elders. Traditionally pays Tribute to the Delzahn.
    • The Master's of Kafis rely on extensive Janissary Armies, which have-- over the years,-- more or less taken over the political process of the Slave Cities.
    • The Guild operates an extensive slaving operation out of Kafis, raiding the divided peoples of the Black River Basin and-- during lean years,-- amongst the Tafi and some of the Delzahn Clans.
  • Black River Rafters, a nomadic river-culture that travels up and down their ancestral waterway, while steering clear of the cursed Shadowland at the Rivers' mouth.
    • The Rafters maintain a few permanent towns along the length of the River, and sometimes settle down as Ranchers or Farmers, but the Rafting Tradition ties the peoples together.
    • The Rafters mostly steer clear of the Swamplands at the River's Mouth, but maintain loose cultural ties to the Tribes that lair in the cursed lands.
  • the Jinn of the Glorious and Eternal City of Tharth hold a deep grudge against the Delzahn,--
    • Their home, Thrace, Glorious and Eternal, is located... somewhere in the deep south, in the harsh badlands beyond the Savannah.
    • The Princes of the Jinn are amongst of the most powerful entities of the region, but seem to have some issues projecting that power...
  • Obsidian Raiders, horsemen that compete with the Delzahn Nomads for rangeland, slowly becoming more and more of a threat.
    • Once driven out of the lands that the Delzahn Nomads now claim, the Obsidian Raiders have been coming back in recent years and becoming more of a threat to the Nomadic Clans.
    • Despite this, their City-dwelling Cousins have been largely dismissive of the threat posed by the Wasteland Riders, viewing them as a defeated enemy.