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Mata'u Ata is this imposing figure with dark olive skin who stands 9 feet tall and being more broad than many men. Yet there's a terrible grace not unlike a predatory cat. Clad in the thick treated scaled hide plates along the chest, back, and limbs. Along with this is her wearing of a golden half-mask that imitates the appearance of her people and place among the Anklok. A simple shirt and short heavy skirt complete the look. Now she wears Fearless Risk often into battle or when it may happen soon.


  • Defining Intimacies (Resolve +4/-3; ••••)
    • Principle: "I am Mata'u Ata, somehow resurrected into this Age."
    • Principle: "Nurturing Truth, Justice, Righteousness comes before all other things."
    • Tie: Aiela (Rekindled Romance)
    • Tie: Mad Sorcerer Baddie (Major Loathing)
  • Major Intimacies (Resolve +3/-2; •••)
    • Principle: "I will lead the Dragon Kings back to Prominence."
    • Principle: "Filonah must be protected for a future where the Marid may not be the great enemy of Creation anymore."
    • Tie: DK-Dad (Love & Respect)
    • Tie: the Crystalfolk (Obligation)
  • Minor Intimacies (Resolve +2/-1; ••)
    • Principle: "The Creation-Ruling Mandate is a priceless gift that Korau's sacrifice bought us."
    • Principle: "Humanity must remain true to its primal heritage."
    • Principle: "The Wicked deserve no mercy they would not offer to you... which is none."
    • Tie: Filonah (Protective Acceptance)
    • Tie: Thar'i Zhun (Sorrowful Pride)
    • Tie: Glitter Flame Desert (Home)

Limit Trigger: Mata'u Ata is faced with someone who revels in their wickedness before her.


  • Familiar ••• (Ankylosaurus)
  • Boundless Endurance ••
  • Followers •
  • Language • (High Holy Speech)
  • Prophetic Dreams •••
  • Berserker ••••
  • Giant ••••

Merits, expanded Korau


The black stallion, Midnight's Dispatch, with a star-dappled coat. The child of a powerful and respected god of raiding horses, chosen for speed, stability, and stamina.

Martial Arts

Trained in the formal styles of combat.


Through the clever work of her mother as a manager, she now commands high prices for her musical services by performing at fewer venues of her choice. This makes her seem very exclusive and only raises the demand for her and her talents. This means she's exceptionally wealthy and lives incredibly comfortably, only surpassed by very few in the city-state.

Manse (Earth)

A sprawling Manse under a broken tower just inside the edge of a salted off Shadowland. It's quite comfortable and serves as her own hidden home. She has a false home in the tower to hide the truth of her reclusiveness. At the center of the Manse, there is a large engraved labyrinth in the floor with low walls, filled with many arcane symbols and poems along the floors and walls, till one reaches the small hidden place where the Hearthstone forms. It provides the benefit that if you drop it, you can move some distance away and as long as too much time hasn't passed, you can recall to it for 12 motes. The Manse also connects to the city underground, and such is one way she leaves the city in private with Midnight's Dispatch.


Kar`theil is a very respected and desired musician and songwriter. It isn't surprising that there are those willing to listen to her words, even to the point of having "groupies".

Character Notes


Sidereal who found a third way past the war of the Solar Host so that they might claim the city atop Mount Meru.

Mouse that Hides in the Moon's Shadow

Mask of Alabaster's old self.


No Moon that Mata'u Ata was both fond of and worked with.

Oasis of Everlasting Bounty

Title given to Melusine, Queen of Hunger, by Mata'u Ata. It references how while she may feed, she also gives back, more symbiotic than purely parasitic now.