Here is where you go to toss down new charms, Martial Arts styles, and so on.

Martial Arts

  • Hornet Style, a "hard" mixed style which uses the rope-dart to maintain control over territory and to keep opponents from directly approaching the stylist. The style is notable for its fluid movement, and how the stylist never truly stops moving, and its signature technique is a battleground-clearing maelstrom strike which can fell wide swaths of opponents while leaving allies untouched.
  • Stone Archon Style?, a “hard” defensive style that uses soul-twisting koans to defeat an opponent’s mind and spirit, while increasing your physical strength and durability. The signature technique of Stone Archon allows you to enunciate and solve a cosmic riddle that transforms you into a mountainous archon of stone.
  • Flames Of Hesiesh Style?, a "soft" offensive style that takes place as much in the mind of the stylist as through physical action, perfectly playing out the battle in ones soul before you so much as draw your blade. The signature technique of the Flames of Hesiesh is challenging a singular opponent to a dream-like duel that takes place within the minds-eye.
  • Breeze Grasping Palm?, a "soft" defensive style that focuses on controlling the motion and strength of ones opponent. The signature technique of the Breeze Grasping Palm is the infliction of a singular perfect action that, though it inflicts no lasting injury, shapes the battle as a whole through the unfolding of a tumultous chain of controlled chaos.
  • Ivory Pestle Style?, a “soft” defensive style that uses a battle staff and scenery to create a nigh impassable defensive chokepoint. The signature jutsu of Ivory Pestle allows you to hold a closed position like a hallway, rampart, or bridge, launching a shattering counterattack on anyone who tries to move through you or past you.
  • Quicksilver Limbus Style?, a “hard” offensive assassination style that involves honing the Essence around your hands until they can slice through wood and softer stones (not to mention flesh, muscle, sinew, etc). Your lightning fast slash attacks eventually engender an ability to hurl your Essence like a dart, or to throw precise and incredibly fast throwing knives. The signature jutsu involves harnessing your Essence into a caustic silver streak that you hurl into a foe’s eyes, temporarily blinding them and making it impossible to dodge your flurry of thrown blades.