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Saffron Song The Undeterred Hunter PLAYER CASTE (SUPERNAL) Char! Night (Investigation)
ATTRIBUTES--- PHYSICAL SOCIAL MENTAL Strength 2 Charisma 2 Perception 4 Dexterity 4 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 3 Stamina 3 Appearance 2 Wits 4
Abilities--- WAR LIFE WISDOM Archery Craft Bureaucracy /Athletics/ *** /Larceny/ ** >Investigation< ***** /Awareness/ **** Linguistics Lore * /Brawl/ * Performance Occult /Dodge/ **** /Presence/ *** Medicine /Integrity/ *** Ride ** Melee Sail Resistance ** /Socialize/ * Thrown Stealth War /Survival/ ****


Dodge: In Constant Motion (Can't Stop, Just Go)
Integrity: I Don't Care About Your Sob Story
Socialize: Reading People
Survival: Tracking

Lore: (focus) Fireside Tales (Southern); (specialties) Crimes & Criminals
Martial Arts: Single Point Shining Into The Void Style ***, Rope Dart Style **

Tempers & Combat Stats

Essence: 1 (13/26+7 motes); Willpower: 6; -- Limit: 0
Health Levels: -0/-1x2/-2x2/-4/Incap
Soak: 8 (Reinf. Buff Jacket +5/-1), Hrd: 0; Defense: Parry 4/5 (Evasion 4/5)

Little Finger14L/3 (+12)10 (+3)Parry 5 (+1)Lethal, Melee, Fast
Rope Dart11L/1 (+9)8 (+2)Parry X (N/A)Lethal, Martial Arts, Thrown(Medium), Grappling, Leashed

Join Battle: 11d; -- Disengage: 9d; Rush: 7d
Resolve: 4; Guile: 2; -- Reading: 6d; -- Appearance: 2


  • Defining Intimacies (Resolve +4/-3; )
    • Tie: White Bone Knife, Chiascuro's Underboss (Icy Hatred)
    • Tie: My Fallen Master (Must Be Avenged)
  • Major Intimacies (Resolve +3/-2; )
    • Principle: A job is never over until its finished.
    • Principle: No one is inherently better than anyone else.
    • Principle: One should not interfere in the affairs of Dragons.
    • Tie: Varangia (I Never Belonged...)
  • Minor Intimacies (Resolve +2/-1; )
    • Principle: Always treat your Word as if it has more worth than Silver.
    • Principle: Death and Blood are not to be cherished.
    • Tie: Filonah (now That's a new one)
    • Tie: Samur Thane, Captain of the Guard (Handsome and Impressive)
    • Tie: Mask of Alabaster (Perverse Admiration/Worthy Opponent)
    • Tie: the Tri-Khan (My Liege)
    • Tie: Chiaroscuro (my Adopted Home)

Limit Trigger: The Solar sees innocents suffering and is either unable or unwilling to help them.

Charm Table
Charm NamePage #TypeCost (duration)Keywords
Athletics Charms    
Graceful Crane Stancepg. 261Reflexive3m (One scene) 
Monkey Leap Techniquepg. 261Supplemental2m (Instant) 
Awareness Charms    
Sensory Acuity Pranapg. 267Reflexive5m (One scene) 
Dodge Charms    
Reed in the Windpg. 299Reflexive2i/+1 (instant)Perilous
Larceny Charms    
Lock-Opening Touchpg. 317Reflexive1or5m (instant) 
Presence Charms    
Tiger's Dread Symmetrypg. 370Permanent-- (n/a) 
Martial arts Charms
Single Point Shining Into The Void Style
Gathering Light Concentrationpg. 434Reflexive3m (Instant)Uniform, Mastery
Shining Starfall Executionpg. 434Supplemental6m (Instant)Decisive-only, Mastery
Single Point Shining Into the Void Formpg. 434Simple10m (Scene)Form, Mastery, Terrestrial
Investigation Charms    
Watchman's Infallible Eyepg. 311Reflexive-- (Instant) 
Inquisitor's Unfailing Noticepg. 311Permanent-- (n/a) 
Crafty Observation Methodpg. 312Simple5m (Instant)Mute
Judge's Ear Techniquepg. 312Reflexive-- (Instant) 
Resistance Charms    
Ox-Body Techniquepg. 375Permanent-- (n/a)Stackable
Ride Charms    
Master Horseman's Techniquepg. 380Permament-- (n/a) 
Survival Charms    
Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spiritpg. 409Reflexive5m (One day) 
Trackless Region Navigationpg. 409Reflexive5m 1w (Indefinite) 
Unshakeable Bloodhound Techniquepg. 410Supplemental4m (Instant) 


  • Allies (Tri-Khan)
  • Artifact
  • Contacts (Criminals)
  • Direction Sense
  • Iron Stomach
  • Language (Low Realm)
  • Martial Arts
  • free Martial Arts .
  • -4bp for + Athletics, + Awareness, + Integrity, and + Larceny.
  • -2bp for + Dodge.
  • -4bp for + Survival and + Investigation.
  • -2bp for + Rope Dart Style
  • -2bp for + Willpower
  • -1bp for Lore specialty.
  • ? for Trackless Region Navigation
  • ? for Unshakeable Bloodhound Technique