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Charm Table
Charm NamePage #TypeCost (duration)Keywords
Athletics Charms    
Graceful Crane Stancepg. 261Reflexive3m (One scene) 
Monkey Leap Techniquepg. 261Supplemental2m (instant) 
Increasing Strength Exercisepg. 262Simple3m or 3i per dot (One scene) 
Lightning Speedpg. 262Supplemental3m (instant) 
Thunderbolt Attack Pranapg. 262Supplemental4m,1wp (instant)Decisive-only
Racing Hare Methodpg. 264Reflexive5m,1wp (One hour) 
Thunder's Mightpg. 265Reflexive5m 
Power Suffusing Form Techniquepg. 266Supplemental4m 
Legion Aurochs Methodpg. 266Permanent  
Aegis of Unstoppable Forcepg. 266Permanent  
Nine Aeons Thewpg. 266Supplemental1m,1wp 
Awareness Charms    
Sensory Acuity Pranapg. 267Reflexive5m (One scene) 
Brawl Charms    
Fists of Iron Techniquepg. 273Reflexive1m (instant)Dual
Ferocious Jabpg. 274Supplemental1m (instant) 
Dodge Charms    
Drifting Leaf Elusionpg. 300Reflexive1m (instant) 
Larceny Charms    
Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguisepg. 317Simple6m (Until sleep) 
Resistance Charms    
Ox-Body Technique x2pg. 375Permanent-- (n/a)Stackable
Stealth Charms    
Easily Overlooked Presence Methodpg. 403Simple3m (One scene) 
Survival Charms    
Food Gathering Exercisepg. 409Simple3m (One hour) 
Hardship Surviving Mendicant Spiritpg. 409Reflexive5m (One day) 

Charm Details

Athletics Charms

Thunder's Might (page 265) ^
Reroll non-successes on Feats of Strength.

Power Suffusing Form Technique (page 266) ^
Add (Strength) non-Charm bonus dice to a Feat of Strength.

Legion Aurochs Method (page 266) ^
Strength + Athletics adder excellency becomes 2 dice per 1m on Feats of Strength.

Aegis of Unstoppable Force (page 266) ^
Reduce the difficulty of all Feats of Strength by two.

Nine Aeons Thew (page 266) ^

  • Double 7s on Feats of Strength.
  • Can attempt any Feat of Strength regardless of Strength.

Resistance Charms

Ox-Body Technique (page 375) ^
Every purchase of this charm, which can be bought (Resistance) times, grants the following extra health levels:

  • Stamina 1-2: One -1 and one -2 health level.
  • Stamina 3-4: One -1 and two -2 health levels.
  • Stamina 5: One -0, one -1, and one -2 health levels.

If the Solar acquires more stamina after purchasing this charm, her health levels automatically change to reflect the new rating.