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Charm Table
Charm NamePage #TypeCost (duration)Keywords
Athletics Charms    
Graceful Crane Stancepg. 261Reflexive3m (One scene) 
Monkey Leap Techniquepg. 261Supplemental2m (Instant) 
Awareness Charms    
Sensory Acuity Pranapg. 267Reflexive5m (One scene) 
Dodge Charms    
Reed in the Windpg. 299Reflexive2i/+1 (instant)Perilous
Larceny Charms    
Lock-Opening Touchpg. 317Reflexive1or5m (instant) 
Presence Charms    
Tiger's Dread Symmetrypg. 370Permanent-- (n/a) 
Martial arts Charms
Single Point Shining Into The Void Style
Gathering Light Concentrationpg. 434Reflexive3m (Instant)Uniform, Mastery
Shining Starfall Executionpg. 434Supplemental6m (Instant)Decisive-only, Mastery
Single Point Shining Into the Void Formpg. 434Simple10m (Scene)Form, Mastery, Terrestrial
Investigation Charms    
Watchman's Infallible Eyepg. 311Reflexive-- (Instant) 
Inquisitor's Unfailing Noticepg. 311Permanent-- (n/a) 
Crafty Observation Methodpg. 312Simple5m (Instant)Mute
Judge's Ear Techniquepg. 312Reflexive-- (Instant) 
Resistance Charms    
Ox-Body Techniquepg. 375Permanent-- (n/a)Stackable
Ride Charms    
Master Horseman's Techniquepg. 380Permament-- (n/a) 
Survival Charms    
Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spiritpg. 409Reflexive5m (One day) 
Trackless Region Navigationpg. 409Reflexive5m 1w (Indefinite) 
Unshakeable Bloodhound Techniquepg. 410Supplemental4m (Instant) 

Charm Details

Athletics Charms

Graceful Crane Stance (page 261) ^
3m. Have perfect balance, can stand or run on things too narrow or weak to support herself

Monkey Leap Technique (page ) ^

Awareness Charms

(page ) ^
(page ) ^
(page ) ^

Resistance Charms

Ox-Body Technique (page 375) ^
Every purchase of this charm, which can be bought (Resistance) times, grants the following extra health levels:

  • Stamina 1-2: One -1 and one -2 health level.
  • Stamina 3-4: One -1 and two -2 health levels.
  • Stamina 5: One -0, one -1, and one -2 health levels.

If the Solar acquires more stamina after purchasing this charm, her health levels automatically change to reflect the new rating.

Ride Charms

Master Horseman's Techniques (page 380) ^
The Solar can choose any three of the following Techniques, if he chooses this charm:

  • Harmony of Spirits Style, spend 1m to reflexively stop herself from falling off a mount (even when asleep, unconscious, etc.); +1 Defense against dismounting attacks.
  • Horse Summoning Whistle, spend 1m to reflexively call a loyal mount to your side! The mount makes its way to her as circumstances allow.
  • Master Horseman's Eye', spend 1m to reflexively evaluate a mount for its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Speed-Sustaining Technique, spend 1m reflexively sustain a mount for two hours. Effort during that time does not cause the horse fatigue, and it will not suffer harmful random incidents.
  • Spirit-Steadying Assurances, spend 1m to reflexively stop a mount from panicking, shaking off all natural or supernatural fear. Lasts (Essence) rounds or one scene.
  • Blood Rider's Toughness makes the Solar immune to chafing and developing sores from long rides; both the Lawgiver and her mount may ride twice as long without food, water, or rest.

Martial Arts Charms

Gathering Light (page 434) ^

  • On a successful parry, spend 3m to apply onslaught penalties to attacker's Defense instead
  • Mastery: At ess 3+ spend 3i to cancel all onslaught penalties she's suffering from and inflict them on her attacker

Shining Starfall Execution (page 434) ^

  • Add (Dex/2, round up) to raw damage of a decisisve attack.
  • At initi 15+, add full dex instead, but if the attack misses, add (Dex/2) to initiative lost

Single Point Shining into the Void Form (page 434) ^

  • It is customary to sheathe and draw blade between each strike to contain and dissipate the essence
  • When you use the charm, make Join Battle roll (Wits+Martial Arts) and give the sword its own initiative track, allowing you to strike twice.
    • During the sword's turn you can attack or delay action. No other actions can be taken.
    • The sword's initiative track is separate from the stylist's (withering/decisive use separate tracks)
    • Base raw damage of sword can't exceed stylist's initiative
    • When stylist is dealt init damage the damager can choose which track to apply it to, but can't split it.
    • The sword loses 1i every turn it does not successfully land an attack
    • If the sword's initiative is reduced to 0, the stylist is forced out of the form and cannot reactivate it again for 3 rounds. The sword is set to base init.
    • If the swordsman leaves the form voluntarily before the end of the fight, the sword maintains the init if it is reactivated.
  • Special activation rule: If the M Atist? has highest JB, they can reflexively activate SP Sit VF?
  • Mastery:
    • When using the sword's turn to make a decisive attack, its damage is not capped by stylist init
    • The sword does not lose init on turns it did not successfully land an attack
    • if the sword's init is reduced to 0 or less, the stylist loses the benefits of the form but it remains active. Once 3 rounds have passed, its benefits resume without the stylist having to activate it or pay again. Additionally, if the swordsman crashes an enemy who reduced his sword's init to 0, then he may immediately roll JB for it again and take an action with it on the same tick.

Fatal Stroke Flash (page 435) ^
* 1m 1wp, supplemental, decisive attack

  • Against an enemy with lower init, add difference to raw damage of decisive attack
  • Raw damage can't exceed swordsman's init.
  • If the attack misses, the stylist's own init falls to equal the enemy before losing normal init.
  • Mastery: Double up to (ess) 9s on the attack roll

Wish-List Charms

Charm Table
Charm NamePage #TypeCost (duration)Keywords
Evidence-Discerning Methodpg. 312Simple2m, 1wp (Instant) 
Irresistible Questioning Techniquepg. 313Supplemental5m, 1wp (Instant)Mute
Ten Magistrate Eyespg. 313Supplemental3m (Instant)Mute