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  • Defining Intimacies (Resolve +4/-3; )
    • Principle: I am the furnace Inviolate; a perfect vessel will not break!
    • Tie: The Righteous Order of Exorcists (a worthy organization in need of support)
  • Major Intimacies (Resolve +3/-2; )
    • Tie: The Forbidden City of the Curse-Eaters (my destination; the culimation of years of wandering...)
    • Tie: The Tri-Khan (a worthy & virtuous leader)
    • Principle: The destitute and outcast are worthy of succor.
    • Principle: Those who are pure of virtue have a duty to lead by Example.
    • Principle: The Dead must not plague the Living.
    • Tie: Zhar'adien, Undying Lord (a Plague upon the City)
  • Minor Intimacies (Resolve +2/-1; )
    • Principle: The Living must not oppress the Dead.
    • Tie: Farri, the Missing Acolyte (Find Him; Save Him)
    • Tie: The Herd (Acolytes of another Color!)
    • Tie: Deathknights (Weary Curiosity)

Limit Trigger: The Solar's allies suffer a setback or defeat because of a mistake he made


  • Allies (Tri-Khan)
  • Backing (Chief-Exorcist of Chiaroscuro)
  • Deep Breath Cultivation
  • Influence (Mysterious Sorcerer)
  • Language
  • Manse (Shrine of Xuan-Zang) (Lunar)
  • Resources

Merits, expanded

Allies (Tri-Khan)

He is a big and important character in the campaign! Consider having a dot of allies toward him.

Deep Breath Cultivation

So long as you abide by an ascetic lifestyle, you may completely refill your Essence pools with an hour of meditation. Also, add Stamina to the number of motes you recover each hour while active.

See also: Artifact Index, where Master Raiton puts his Artifacts that he'll link here.