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Delzahn & Gender

[14:51] <~`HG`> Me and Melody hammered out some interesting ideas about Delzahn Gender Politics.
[14:53] <@First_Murderer> ?
[14:54] <~`HG`> Well, in the books, Delzahn are noted as having very strict gender roles. Men handle finance, battle, rulership, etc.
[14:54] <~`HG`> Women are the kings of the Household.
[14:54] <~`HG`> Well, queens.
[14:54] <~`HG`> We started out thinking about courtship, and I suggested that Delzahn women are the ones in charge of Courtship and generally the 'active' participant.
[14:55] <~`HG`> Which led to us pondering that Delzahn society is almost certain Matrilineal,--
[14:55] <~`HG`> --and, men probably... it's not exactly SUBSERVIANT, per se, but Men take an active role supporting the women in their family. Whether that be mothers, elder sisters, or wives.
[14:55] <~`HG`> (Which, incidentally, is probably... men go out and attain power to attract mates.)
[14:56] <~`HG`> Both men and women hold power;-- male power is active and dynamic, female power is passive and stable.
[14:57] <~`HG`> [02:44p] * ~`HG` was pondering the Tri-Khan having a "harem" filled with his wives.
[14:57] <~`HG`> [02:44p] <&Ledaal_Kar`theil> Exactly that... Like I could also see women being trusted more with certain things like beauracracy and finances, though not buying/selling as a merchant.
[14:57] <~`HG`> [02:44p] <~`HG`> But, what if THEY are the actual rulers of Chiaroscuro.
[14:57] <~`HG`> [02:44p] <~`HG`> The Tri-Khan being their agent.
[14:57] <~`HG`> [02:44p] <&Ledaal_Kar`theil> That's kinda what I was thinking!
[14:57] <~`HG`> [02:44p] <~`HG`> So its like a Council of Women that make the decisions, then the Tri-Khan acts on them.
[14:57] <~`HG`> [02:45p] <&Ledaal_Kar`theil> I mena, he's their equal, but day to day stuff, they're really in charge... it's in times when fast and rapid reaction/action is needed...
[14:57] <~`HG`> [02:45p] <~`HG`> The Tri-Khan isn't WEAK, yeah.
[14:57] <~`HG`> [02:45p] <~`HG`> He's not just a servant.
[14:57] <~`HG`> [02:45p] <&Ledaal_Kar`theil> Women are thought of as good for long term stuff... men for short term.
[14:57] <~`HG`> [02:45p] * ~`HG` imagines its, within the culture, viewed as a symbiotic relationship.
[14:57] <~`HG`> [02:46p] <&Ledaal_Kar`theil> It's like... a president with his cabinet. Realistically, they're the ones with the info and expertise.
[14:58] <&Trax`> Kate might like that, it's different from the seemingly woman-hating Delzahn the books have portrayed regarding whatshisname Lunar.
[14:58] * ~`HG` nodsnosd.
[14:59] <~`HG`> It has strict gender roles, but both roles are 'equal'.

The Dereth

[14:59] <~`HG`> With the Dereth providing mobility.

Strict Gender Roles

[15:00] <&Trax`> Sure most women don't have businesses, but family is greater than any business they could run.
[15:00] <~`HG`> The men run the buisnesses, but the buisnesss is ultimately in service to Family (or to a number of Families).
[15:00] * &Trax` nods
[15:01] <~`HG`> n' Family Finances are, naturally, a womanly thing.
[15:02] <@Ledaal_Kar`theil> Yeah... and like accounting would be a womanly thing, even if being a merchant is manly.
[15:02] <~`HG`> Women are probably, culturally, more 'clannish' too.
[15:02] <~`HG`> Men being the peace-makers and coalition builders.
[15:02] <~`HG`> There'd be some overlap there.
[15:02] * @Ledaal_Kar`theil nods.
[15:03] <~`HG`> Since you'd want your husband the merchant to be able to make sound financial decisions.
[15:03] <~`HG`> Within his sphere.
[15:03] <@Ledaal_Kar`theil> I think men would like... run the front of the store, with women handling behind the scenes.
[15:03] * ~`HG` nodsnods.
[15:03] * @Ledaal_Kar`theil nods.
[15:03] <~`HG`> Women handle re-investment, too.
[15:04] <&Trax`> Damn good way to get tips on investments either, going through the woman's circle.
[15:05] <&Trax`> they hear things from one person and gets to someone who can make use of it.
[15:08] * ~`HG` imagines the divide is even stricter amongst the Nomadic Delzahn.
[15:08] <~`HG`> Women rule over the clans. Men are the war-leaders and charismatic voices.
[15:09] <~`HG`> But when they settled down and started to rule over Chiaroscuro, things got a lot more /complicated/, and the traditional values of the society eroded a bit, creating modern city-going delzahn culture.
[15:10] <&Trax`> Now I wonder which young and available Delzhan ladies are batting their eyes at Talas. :)
[15:10] <&Trax`> Imagine getting Cult from that..

Harems & Group Marriage

[15:11] <~`HG`> It presents a very different view of a harem, amusingly. (at least to me.)
[15:11] <~`HG`> Since its less a powerful Delzahn man acquiring a lot of wives/concubines.)
[15:11] * @Ledaal_Kar`theil had made a potential suggestion there.
[15:12] <@Ledaal_Kar`theil> And more men helping bring together women without too much conflict..
[15:12] <@Ledaal_Kar`theil> They're the mediators.
[15:12] <~`HG`> n' more, you know, a powerful delzahn man attracting a lot of women, who just decide to share him. n' why not, its less hassle, and promiscuity is LESS of a big deal. (Though still a big deal.)
[15:12] <~`HG`> Yeah.
[15:13] <~`HG`> n' it puts harem politics as, you know, ACTUAL POLITICS. ;)
[15:13] <@Ledaal_Kar`theil> And the women create a good powerbase.
[15:13] * @Ledaal_Kar`theil nods!
[15:14] <~`HG`> Anyway, wasn't expecting all of that, but thank you, Melody. :D
[15:16] <&Trax`> How big a harem should Talas have? ;p
[15:17] * ~`HG` finds THIS a lot more interesting that "Delzahn Women's only virtue is their beauty," idea.
[15:17] <~`HG`> Well, ideally, one wife from amongst all the clans of the nomadic delzahn and probably a few of the city-dwelling clans too. :P
[15:17] <&Trax`> then again..how big a harem would the harem permit themselves to be..
[15:17] <~`HG`> But, yes.
[15:18] * ~`HG` imaginse, "No, you pick one of us," is a much more common resolution there.
[15:18] <&Trax`> Even in our own world if using that region, the multiple wives is ONLY if they can afford to support each one comfortably and the first wife is obeyed by the rest in all things.