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Exalted Pulp

Xethlixocoatlculbialik "Weren't you telling me he was discouraging her from seeking personal growth?"

Shine "He was! Trying to keep her down in Creation just so he can have "rights" and be treated like a "person" or some such thing."


A high-flying fantasy game of insane pulp and melodrama centered around the deadly dangers of the Black Viper Cult and their threats to use the Flying Islands of Brume as weapons of mass destruction unless their desire to rule all Creation is granted!!

Solar Characters have 15 bonus points for this game, not 21 as my standard House Rules specify. All characters use Abyssal Artifact. Dragon-Blooded characters get the Realm number of backgrounds but use Solar backgrounds instead of their unique set.

The story of Exalted Pulp concluded on October 21st of 2007 after running since January of 2006. It will be missed!



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Exalted Pulp Logs

  • Court Case Easier If All Dead!! - Taking a relaxing day on a meadow, the three Solars and Dragon King are assaulted (okay, maybe Corve talked a bit too much) by a horde of angry wannabe-native pygmies! Oh no! (Ca4, Co4, M3, X3)
    • Stranger In A Strange Land - A scantily clad woman shows up on Luxury, and Assessor Corve is summoned to deal with the details. The Twilight Myrrh comes along... what will the women in their lives think?! (Ca1, Co1, M1)
    • Something Scaley This Way Glides - Myrrh is testing out a new toy... but there's something else in the air with him. Watch out, turn left, oh no! Aaaaah! (Ca, Co1, M1, X1)
  • Vigilantes Of The Sun - The Black Viper Cult warned Brume it would attack if their demans were not met. Brume did not listen. Now an island crashed to the ground, and the makeshift Circle has to find the Cult, and stop them! (Ca4, Co5, M4, X5)
  • Underwear, Pirates And Burning Men - During their somewhat leisure flight to Chiaroscuro, something unexpected happens (no, Xar catching a squid is normal). Upon waking up in the middle of the night, three of our heroes find a group of men taking Assessor Corve away... and a fight in underwear ensues. Hey, wait a minute... who's the dark angsty guy with the eye-patch on the deck? (Ca4, Co4, M4, X5)
    • Dude Looks Like A Pirate - And he does, indeed, look like a pirate. he's also extremely hard to kill. Will Xar and the Solars be able to defeat this threat, or will he become the most dreaded type of NPC ever known to roleplayers... the Recurring Badguy? (Ca2, Co2, M2, X2)
    • Who Needs A Good Cop? - After fighting Falling Blackness, Corve moves on to interrogate the ex-captain of the ship. Can the captain stay tough, or will Corve break him? (Co1)
  • In The City Of Glass - When they follow the rules and laws, it backfires. Out heroes find themselves punished and fined, as well as con-fined for a long time in the glass prisons of Chairoscuro. Will they ever get out?! (Ca4, Co4, M4, X4)
    • Porn Stars! - This one you have to see to believe. Perhaps. Anyway, porn stars. Yeah. Cultist porn stars. Dear god... (Ca1, Co1)
    • Anxious And Caged - Carmine and Corve have a chat, and figure out some stuff, and raise even more questions! (Ca1, Co1)
    • Broken Windows See Stuff Too! - Xar and Myrrh go check out the other cultists. Not much there, save an interesting spirit that talks. Oh yes, it talks. Well, just to Xar... but whatever. (M1, X1)
  • Who Said Beautiful People Can't Be Reasonable? - After the group's seperated stake outs are done, they all go together to see what information they can pump out of Ugly Tree. Perhaps the man knows more than he's telling... or has a few surprises for our heroes. (Ca4, Co5, M4, X5)
    • Are We Who We Were, Or Who We Are? - Due to a specific bit of information Ugly Tree provided, Corve decides that he and Carmine have to have yet another chat... heh. Hehe. Hehehe. (Ca1, Co1)
  • Into The Desert - When the makeshift Circle go to find out who Scarlet Poppy is, they find a brick wall (metaphorically). However, the soul of a God resides inside Xar'Rex, and this proves incredibly useful to the group. Even though they gain useful information... something goes awry! (Ca5, Co6, M5, X6)
  • Snoo Snoo! Snoo Snoo! - After Carmine heals herself and Corve completely with some very nice magic, the group continues on, heedless of the Abyssal's warning. And they meet some very... interesting people... yes, ahem, interesting. (Ca3, Co3, M3, X4)
  • Bureacracy and Awkward Romance - After leaving the giants' tribe, the circle makes their way to their destination. Once they've arrived, a profitable business transaction takes place... and Xar's big mouth has some pleasant (for at least half the group) repercussions! (Ca3, Co3, M3, X4)
    • A Nice Awakening, and a Ziggurat - Corve and Carmine awaken in a very... comfortable situation, and then head to the ziggurat, where they encounter a minor set back. Everything'll be fine... I'm sure. Except for the Monster!!!! (Ca1, Co1)
  • A Glass Musicbox, and a Plan - The Circle decides that to gain more information, they're going to summon Rivoshi, the city-mother of Sztang-Ouol. While Myrrh and Xar create a gift, Corve and Carmine go to see if they can get information... another way. (Ca4, Co4, M4, X6)
  • Lying Is Bad For The Soul - The Circle fulfills the promise to the woman that agreed to get them into the ziggurat, and gains some limited information. Additionally, they summon the City Goddess Rivoshi for... an interesting meeting. (Ca6, Co6, M6, X7)
  • Acquire Information, Kill the Bad Guys, Rescue the Girl! - The Circle enters the ziggurat, and even though Xar'Rex is stuck as a statue watching important proceedings, the three Solars are very active! (Ca5, Co5, M5, X5)
  • In And Out... and then Back In! - The Circle gets Melody to safety, but then decide they're going to have to continue their investigation. After all, they have to stop ze Monstar! (Ca4, Co5, M4, X4)
    • Into the Darkest Pits - Xar and Carmine take an active part of the investigation, while Corve and Myrrh go so something... else. (Ca1, X1)
  • Some Chaos, and Then Into the Belly of the Beast! - Myrrh and Corve scare some people, and then they join Xar and Carmine to walk into the stomach of a beast... (Ca4, Co4, M4, X5)
  • Being Eaten Isn't Fun... - After an encounter with some noise, they meet an interesting person... and then get swallowed. So much fun to be had! (Ca4, Co4, M4, X5)
  • She Is In Use! - After a sphincter-monster kidnaps Carmine the Circle follows and finds themselves face to face with a creature that claims to have been human once and to have taken Carmine hostage! What will happen NOW? (CaM, Co4, M5, X4)
  • Exiting The Beast - After a final encounter with the avatar of the behemoth, and one last attempt at killing them, the behemoth spits the group out into deep desert. (Ca4, Co4, M4, X5)
  • Return To The Land Of Giants - After picking up Melody and Jaks from the city, the group returns Tondira's 3rd husband to her. (Ca5, Co4, M3, X3)
  • A Feast Before Heaven - A homecoming feast, and then a dramatic change of scene! From the desert to Yu-Shan in the blink of an eye. (Ca14, Co13, M13, X13)

log xp (Ca9)

log xp (Ca3)

  • Big Slow River - After leaving heaven, the circle takes a long time to get not very far. They do have some slaves though now (Ca3, Co3, M3, X3)
    • They Switch Sides - Xar and Corve are attacked by Dragonblooded mercenaries whilst the others sleep. A truce is reached. (Co2, X2)

log xp (Ca1)

  • Talks In The Dark - Corve comes to Carmine with his injuries, and after she heals them, they talk. (Ca1, Co1)
  • Never Split The Party - Except that's what happened. Corve and Carmine go back to Great Forks to be ready for Corve's impending duel with Falling Blackness (Ca6, Co7, M6, X7)
    • Lizardine Diplomacy - Xar and Myrrh attempt to convice Rivers to teach them sorcery. Xar's diplomacy is not the best recieved. (X1, M1)
    • The Walker's Pets - While passing by the citadel of the Walker, Carmine refuses to submit. The result: Attack by giant necromantic river beasts! (Ca1, Co1)

log xp (Ca3) - includes 1xp from 2 Myrrh preludes

log xp (Ca1)

  • Duelin' In Great Forks - The day of the duel is finally upon Corve and Falling Darkness, and duel they do, down by the dockside. (Ca6, Co6)
    • Bosses And Old Friends - Back on Brume, Corve goes to visit his boss, and then Ugly Tree, who is seeing Myrrh's Wife (Co1)
    • Strange Dishes And Shadowlands - Back together with Carmine now, the pair eat and then travel to Chiaroscuro, passing over into the shadowlands. (Ca1, Co1)

log xp (Ca1) + half an xp donated to Manu to round off his total.

  • Considerations Of Diplomacy - Myrrh and Xar talk about Rivers, and the possibility that diplomacy might help. (M1, X1)
  • Into The Underworld - Corve and Carmine take their first steps into the underworld, when they receive an unexpected offer. (Ca1, Co1)
  • Ghosts Have Airships Too - Carmine and Corve hitch a ride on a ghostly airship that takes them deep into the Desert of the Dead (Ca1, Co1)
  • Into The Deepest Depths - Beneath the sands of the Underworld Desert, a hidden temple is found, and below that ... (Ca10, Co10)

log xp (Ca3)

  • Jungle Fe-... Lizards - The Circle goes looking for the temple they were told of in the East. Unfortunately, lizards attack! (Ca1, Co1, M1, X1)
  • The Temple of (Xar's) DOOM - The temple is found, but only one may enter. Corve is chosen but Xar ... follows. (Ca8, Co12, M8, X12)

log xp (Ca1)

  • Corve Emerges - to bring his sad news, and information on how to defeat the cult (Ca2, Co2, M2, X2)

log xp (Ca3)

log xp (Ca5)

  • Room Full Of Corpses - After xar vanishes, the circle has no option but to press on and try to get him out of whatever trouble he is in. (Ca4,Co4,M4,O4)
  • Stone Traps And Sorcery - Myrrh looses his arm to a sorcerous trap in a tomb (Ca4,Co5,M6,O3)
  • Security Tentacles - At the top of the tower, the circle encounters some defences (Ca4,Co4,M4,O4)

log xp (Ca2)

log xp (Ca2)

  • The End Is In Sight? - So, a couple of people almost died. But it might have been worth it...(Ca9,Co9,M9,X9)
  • Have We Met? - And they surface to find ... Oteki?! (Ca5,Co5,M5,X5,O5)

log xp (Ca1)

log xp (Ca5)

log xp (Ca3) oteki starting xp (O127) Corve log xp (Co13)

log xp (Ca3)

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Exalted Pulp Preludes (All worth 1 XP)

Myrrh's Preludes

  • A Tomb in the Ice? - Myrrh's glider crashes and in order to find shelter he enters a cave that turns out to be an ancient Solar tomb! But how can he get in? Research insues! (M1)
  • Meeting Rivers, Crossing Water - To find a Jade Weapon and the second key to enter his ancient tomb on Brume, Myrrh travels deep into the East and hires an Outcaste Mercenary: Manosque Rivers. (M1)
  • Tea and Old Wives - Rivers and Myrrh go on the track towards the Manse-tomb that holds the key but first they must pass the Singing Forest. Problem is there's a giant rodent queen! But the situation may be diffused...with TEA! A few hours later they find themselves confronting a deadly foe: Rivers' ex! (M1)
  • Wife-Eating Statue! - Crystal Fountains and Rivers leave Myrrh on his own once they take him to the Manse-Tomb. Getting inside is a bit of a challenge but not as much as the ivory statue that seems to want to body-switch with Myrrh's wife! (M1)
  • Chasms Beneath The Earth - Myrrh makes a deal with a gross Gut Monkey! (M1)
  • Climbing Back Inside - Myrrh regains his body (M1)

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Xar'Rex's Preludes

Carmine's Preludes

Corve's Preludes

Oteki's Preludes

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Important Documents

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